Close agricultural schools teach farming to progressive farmers

Gandhinagar, 2 August 2021

When school started on the farm in 2007-8, 865 farmers and agricultural students and scientists attended. 1600 farm schools were built in 5 years. In which 60 thousand farmers were taking care. 8 thousand women farmers or cattle ranchers also went to school. Now the farm school is on the verge of closure. The way the government has closed 7 thousand schools for children. This is happening for farm school in agriculture. It barely dropped in 570 schools today. 15 lakh farmers have learned farming or animal husbandry from expert farmers.

Farmers do farming with resourceful and scientific approach. The Farm School was started so that other progressive farmers of Siddhatha can take advantage of this expertise so that they can go on the farm and learn something. In 15 years, 58 lakh farmers were to be sent to farming schools. Instead the government is now paying attention to it.

Farm school has been run on the fields of progressive farmers in the form of Farm School. The teacher is a skilled farmer and the student is also a farmer. In the Farm School, farmers are given information about the entire process from sowing to harvesting in the field.

Farm school consists of six semesters. Soil testing and soil preparation, selection of agricultural material for planting crops, nutrients, irrigation, organic crops, pests, harvesting, harvesting are explained. Farmers get good yield. This benefits the farmers and increases the national product. But this government is not for the farmers.

Agricultural scientists also go to farm school as teachers. Farm school is full on agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry. 7500 per hectare per annum is given. Not only this, generous farmers spend on tea and snacks for guest farmers, students and scientists. The government needs to modernize their farm by providing class rooms, projectors, boards, computers. Instead schools are being closed.

In 2016-17, 10 years after the school started, there was a huge drop in only 387 schools with 9,000 student farmers. There were 570 farm schools in 2020-21. In which 25 thousand farmers took care. Of these, 15 thousand were women and 10 thousand were men. Thus more women are going to school to learn farming and animal husbandry. But the government is not giving money trying to stop it. In fact, every taluka should have a regular farm school. In which he can go to the farmers of taluka and any district of the state and can see the farming of progressive farmers and implement it.