How do social media serial gangs work in Gujarat?

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, May 17, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

The net is being systematically misused by IT gangs of political parties. Threats are being given and if people do not write as they wish, political supporters start a series of defamation on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

This is what happened in the Gujarat elections. People are trolled by hired gangs on the saffron party’s social media and foul language is written about them. They have created a culture of hate speech. Saffron lies are not supported by Twitter or Aks. Their protest posts are not drugged or non-viral technology is not used. So those who post things they do not like they come down on them. Their conduct is against Hindu culture. Uses hate language and links the post Lakhrana to a political party.

This political party has deployed a large number of people on social media to control discussions and issues. He starts speaking bad language.

He thanks other patriots by releasing criminals from jail and calling the dancers patriots.

The journalist has been sold and belongs to Congress. Such allegations are being made.

The allied organisations and supporters of the ruling party are free to spread social mischief by spreading rumours, making false allegations and dirty jokes. Even the DGP of Gujarat does not take action against them.

Their words create tension among the people. If sensible and aware people do not wake up, then this medium will also be snatched from their hands.

Usually such people spread rumours. Ignore or obstruct official talks. When the administration starts doing this, there is no action or public debate on it.

The authorities should find a way to send information to all internet users collectively.

The doors to speak against the mainstream media are closed. The government has also shut down TV channels. The troll gang speaking the language of political supporters on social media has only party loyalty. Even the DGP of Gujarat is not taking steps to support them.

The administration should convey the correct facts to them and for this it is necessary that the internet service should not be shut down and action should be taken against those who use abusive or derogatory language.

Instead of shutting down social media or the internet, the police should convey their message to the people. The goons of the IT cell of political parties are the promoters of the culture of abusive language and spreading rumors. A campaign is going on against those who expose the truth and bring out the correct facts. They are being trolled. This needs to be dealt with.

People with saffron plans run Gujarat. 3 years ago Pankaj used to pay salary to Nehru Yuva Kendra. He was working. The canal gave employment to the workers of the Yuva Kendra. Whatever the party leaders wrote, the payers of Nehru Yuva Kendra retweeted and commented on it. Now, Nehruiva had dismissed the youth of the center.

The party has many MLAs and MPs. The central office has the right to do social media evaluation. So if you want to write anything in the name of that member in his account, do not ask anyone. Tweets are being made in his name without the knowledge of the account holder. Everyone’s account has done this. If a leader gives a speech, it goes live on everyone’s page. Their rights were also given on a central basis.

Now this work has been done by the son of the former Minister of State for Home.

Congress does not have any central authority now. Earlier it was. Congress leaders themselves live a private life. After their media Moulin Shah, Rohan Gupta, Hemang Rawal, now Bhuman Bhatt, who is Ketan Rawal’s nephew, has taken charge. He is the head of social media of Congress Taluk. 5500 people were working in it. 5 coordinators were appointed. So there was a controversy. This party trends. But their language is civilized. It is not against Hindu culture. Condemnation, abusive language, allegations on other parties.

Runs the trend.

Saffron people have formed groups. Creates a toolkit. Whether it is memes, he keeps the technique ready and sets the agenda in advance, then they start trending at 10 am. It goes on for the whole day. The purpose of which is mostly to insult.

A core group has been formed. Who sends notes to the following groups. Such notes are sent to everyone. Based on which the trend is set. The tag which did not have any hash tag earlier works fine.

The core group people send prepared tweets to the following groups. Keeps readymade 200-300 tweets or X ready. Prepares many beams. Which puts it in a separate next group.

When such posts start coming together, it suddenly starts trending. Once a trend is established, it becomes automatic. Such tweets start from different places, which are driven by a mechanism. News media make news the next day.

The core group trolls issue trolling orders on tweets written against their leaders. Informs everyone that the person posting has to reply in the same way. Have to give negative reply. Makes negative comments. Which has more rude but uncivilized language. These saffron people forget Hindu culture. Democracy does not criticize. But it takes a whole day to bring down a person. Even if the truth is not true.

There may be some negative tweets.

But most of the negative comments are on the tweets made against BJP or on the reality of BJP being exposed. At whose behest is this gang working?


Complaints can be made to the police on number 1930, yes. But the police mostly take action only when there is a complainant from the ruling party. It is generally believed that no proper action is taken by the police on any comment made by the police. We have not given any authority to the police.

Yagnesh Dave’s Gmail was hacked. A journalist was hacked. Although it was started by Harsh Sanghvi, it could not be started till date. Foreign companies do nothing even after complaining.

Influence plays a major role.

For large-scale reporting, Jet takes retaliatory action against social media accounts.

A BJP MLA posted that Shubash Chandra Bose was a terrorist. The complaint translated from English to Hindi was filed in complaint number 1930. Made a written complaint in Shahibaug. Link was given. In which more than a year has passed, no action was taken.

No action has been taken yet.

Amit Nayak was immediately picked up by the police after a complaint was filed by a person from BJP’s IT shell, who was trampled by the lotus in Shahpur, Ahmedabad. His phone was deposited. At 12 midnight, the court released him on bail. The police could have given the bail themselves. But that did not happen.

Vinod Thakor has been hidden from Trump by building a wall. The police picked him up from Shankeshwar and did not give him bail. (Google translation from Gujarati)