How many crores has BJP offered to buy Patan’s Congress MLA Dr. Kirit Patel?

How many crores has BJP offered to buy Patan's Congress MLA Dr. Kirit Patel?

Gandhinagar, 20 March 2020

Congress has been away from power since 1991 in Gujarat. BJP breaks Congress to retain power Every election eliminates Congress by buying. BJP has bought 12 MLAs in two and a half years. Of which billions have been paid. Many MLAs have been paid Rs 8 crore to Rs 100 crore. This has been done in a video by Dr. Kirit Patel, Congress MLA of Patan.

Rumors are being made about those who do not buy. “I have been offered billions of rupees by BJP,” says Patan Congress MLA Kirit Patel. He wants me to offer crores of rupees to end the Congress. I didn’t mind but I have all the evidence. Which I am about to disclose.

100 crore offer

Congress MLA Babu Waja said on Thursday that the BJP had offered Rs.100 crore to four legislators, including myself, in the RajyaSabha elections and today. No one has offered yet this time.

The chief minister made a deal for Rs 65 crore

Congress President Amit Chavda said, “BJP rulers have gone out to kill democracy.” The BJP rulers buy Congress MLAs with crores of rupees earned through corruption. Inferior efforts are being made to destroy the values ​​of democracy. But as long as Congress workers and policy leaders are still alive. Congress will fight to save democracy. Vijay Rupani, CM’s bungalow has been purchased for 4 MLAs for Rs 65 crore.

BJP to crush 50 crore gold

Independent legislator Jignesh Mewani said, “It is a shame that even the political parties who talk about nationalism are willing to buy such legislators at face value.” The Bharatiya Janata Party knows that it is always ready to accept all garbage in a garbage yard or entire village. The question is, where does come to the BJP to buy the legislators for 50-50 crores? You claim to be Lord Shri Ram’s devotees, you claim to be Bharat Mata’s soldiers, you are also patriotic contractors – so where do you have these crores of money to buy Congress MLAs?

100 crore package

Bharatiya Tribal Party MLA Chhotu Vasava has written a Facebook post staggering allegations that Congress MLAs have been sold, how many have been sold for Rs 100 crore or two. The voters are outraged when the elected representatives are defrauding their conscience, ideology and voters’ trust in their own money for the sake of gaining the votes of the voters.

100 crore question Nitin Patel caught running

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel was silent on this statement of Babu Waja, a demanding MLA. Nitin Patel was on the run, questioning that BJP had offered Rs 100 crore in the past to Congress’ Babu Bhai Waja to come with four members in the Rajya Sabha elections.

What happened earlier
In the 2017 assembly elections, 77 legislators from Congress were elected. In which BJP has bought 12 MLAs. BJP has given billions of rupees. Because the BJP has a lot of wealth. The party president buys where the BJP has not sent the BJP MLAs. So now the Congress MLAs have dropped to 68. Some of them will help the BJP by defrauding and bargaining crores or bargaining power.

From December 2017 to March 2020, 12 legislators elected to Congress have resigned. Out of which 7 MLAs contested from BJP, 5 of which were victorious. That means people don’t buy MLAs from BJP anymore.

In terms of numbers in the last 27 months, nine MLAs from Congress have been reduced. However, the BJP had 99 MLAs against it in 2017, which has now reached 103.

Kunwarji Bavali first joined the BJP in July 2018. Been bargaining minister in 2 hours. Una’s Asha Patel, Jawahar Chawda of Manavadar, Parasottam Sabaria of Morbi, Vallabh Dharviya, Alpesh Thakor, and Dhawal Jhala were partisans who stole power and wealth. The BJP has left the money bag and the chair of power empty.

On March 15, 2020, the number of MLAs who have resigned from Congress in 12 months has risen to 12, with 5 more legislators tearing up with Congress. Prior to Rajya Sabha election, Praveen Maru, Mangal Gavit, J. V. Kakadia, Pradyuman Singh Jadeja and Soma Ganda have been killed in BJP by betraying the Kolipatel people. Beating.