The Sardar Stadium movement started from Karamsad and will now spread all over Gujarat

Where the Sardar Statue movement there

Karamsad, 13 March 2021

Karamsad Citizens Committee was formed and 200 people along with Karamsad 40 joined the movement. The name of the world-famous stadium was changed from the Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium to the Narendra Modi Stadium overnight, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Protests were held.

There will be agitation in villages and cities all over Gujarat, sitting near Sardar’s statue. Around 200 people staged a protest at Sardar Patel’s house in Karamsad. The objection in writing has been submitted to the government. But the BJP did not respond.

The people of Gujarat are expressing a sense of movement throughout Gujarat, starting from Karamsad.

The dharna was held at Sardar’s house in Sardar Patel’s hometown Karamsad. Where Narendra Modi Stadium was opposed. Four people staged a sit-in on March 11, 2021, from 12 noon to 4 pm for Sardar Patel’s self-respect.

The Sardar Swabhiman Sandesh Dharna was organized by the Karamsad Citizens’ Committee. The world famous stadium in Motera, Ahmedabad was renamed from the Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium to the Narendra Modi Stadium overnight. Protests were held.

People remember the tradition of naming a dead person in Hindu and compared the nomenclature of the living Narendra Modi to that of their Shahs like Hitler, Mussolini. This was seen as a sign of Narendra Modi’s downfall. After the thought of ending Sardar, Modi’s downfall has started. This is what people believe.

The people of Karamsad had agitated to give special status to Karamsad before it. The then BJP president Jitu Vaghani came and broke the agitation by the agitators. And promised special status or special loan. But till now the BJP has done nothing. Compromised using political. There are 80 percent BJP supporters in Karamsad. Now angry that BJP promises but does nothing. So they came out.

All previous governments had honored Sardar. One by one the dictator is changing the name of the government chieftain. He called it a threat to the country and Gujarat. Anand MLA Kanti Sodha was present.

Social worker Atul Patel, who hails from Charotar Pradesh, who has been arrested by the police 26 times due to the Kanai movement, said that Narendra Modi has made a great mistake by removing Sardar’s name. In this way, a living person has made stadiums of his name on only two dictators of the world. One is Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi and the other is Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Now Narendra Modi has become the third dictator. Because he wants to immortalize his name. He also does not want to be named after death by doing good deeds.

It has been decided to run the cricket stadium movement across Gujarat on the principles of Gandhi.

Mithilesh Amin of Karamsad Citizens ‘Committee, Maharishi Patel and Karamsad Citizens’ Committee called for this movement throughout Gujarat. In this stadium, Jai Sardar has pledged to raise slogans.

Will make the movement so fierce. He would have to be born again to keep his name. The name will be changed.

Only the creator of unbroken India is left. Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah did a political ploy to erase Sardar Patel’s name. His father and home minister Amit Shah already has a racist mindset. Therefore, the people of Gujarat are strongly opposing the BJP to restore Sardar’s honor. (Translated from Gujarati)