City party BJP, cannot decide the key position in Ahmedabad, heavy factionalism

Ahmedabad, 12 July 2020
The new BJP organization of Ahmedabad was to be formed in November 2019. But not because of factionalism. There is strong opposition in the city of Ahmedabad against BJP President Jagdish Panchal. Some BJP workers wrote an anonymous letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November. In Ahmedabad, four and a half million new workers and ten thousand active members have been added. Still, the structure cannot be created. State Chief Jitu Vaghani and CM Vijay Rupani want to bring their supporter. Now, it has become necessary to bring a city chief like Hardik Patel in the face of the change in Congress. But it is not a matter of state chief Jitu Vaghani.

Jitu Waghani, state president, has completely failed to form an organization in Ahmedabad. They live permanently in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Can’t solve though. They eat Amit Shah’s name. Can’t even work. Therefore, due to them, the city of Ahmedabad has to lose in the next elections.

Who is the new city president in Ahmedabad
BJP National sec V. Satish, Core Group, and Parliamentary Board met but the new city president could not be decided in November 2019. Regarding the names from the local level, observers held meetings with National Coalition Minister V. Satish, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, State President Jitu Vaghani, General Secretary Bhikubhai Dalsania. Nothing could be done again. Practice is underway once again. V Satish has been in Gujarat for 3 days. He tried first but was not successful. He is now seeking the president of the city of Ahmedabad on 12 July 2020. Many claimants are being called.

Five contenders
Ahmedabad, the largest city of the urban BJP, also had five contenders in November. In which the current city president Jagdish Panchal again claimed. Jagdish Panchal is the MLA of Nicol. This was his first term as city president. He then sued for a second term. Many controversies were witnessed during his reign. There were disputes regarding attendance at all functions, be it national president’s programs or chief minister’s programs.

Jagdish Panchal was the subject of several representations by local legislators and members of the organization, making it unlikely that it would be repeated. The names of Maninagar MLA Suresh Patel and Ahmedabad former MP Hasmukh Patel were also discussed. It also names former mayor and short-term city president Amit Shah. Activists are also demanding that Mayur Dave be made the president. Activists have demanded that Bhushan Bhatt should be made the city president if he is not made.

Letter to Narendra Modi
A letter was written to Ahmedabad Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year on behalf of a true activist. The letter said that city president Jagdish Panchal and general secretary Manubhai Katrotia are currently calling on ward workers to cover their black works and demand caste equations. Caste and workers are blamed for not voting.
Ahmedabad is of most concern. Currently, the BJP has the most factionalism in the city.

Opposition in front of Jagdish Panchal
In Amraiwadi by-election the city president and general secretary had decided the ticket, the MP wanted to give ticket to his man. Suddenly Jagdish Patel gets a ticket. Hence the plan to defeat Jagdish Patel was made by the President. The worker threatened that action would be taken if he acted to win. If this never happened in BJP.
Voting was not done intentionally in many societies and booths. The city president had formed a team of general secretary and MLA Suresh Patel so that Jagdish Patel could undertake in East Ahmedabad when he grew up.

Jadeja face to face
I K Jadeja Pradeep Singh does not tolerate Jadeja’s increasing weight. So both were face to face in Ahmedabad. So IK Jadeja got representation to move from Ahmedabad to Morbi. He is from the Anandiben Patel Group. This is why Patel activists are harassed in Ahmedabad. A Patel activist was suspended for quarreling among the Patels without any guilt and winning the Congress candidate. So he was going to Congress. Many such activists are reluctant to join Congress after Hardik Patel’s arrival.

Chief Minister failed 
All talk and videos about factionalism in BJP were sent to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in Ahmedabad. But he was in love with Jagdish Panchal. The Chief Minister knows that the BJP is not doing well in Ahmedabad. If elections are held now, they will lose. Like the last time in Ahmedabad, the voter list of Congress societies was canceled with the help of the Collector and the city of Ahmedabad could barely win. Have to do the same thing again.