In Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, 30 percent, 517 doctors and staff with corona, silent about death

Ahmedabad, 19 March 2021
In civilian hospitals, 30 percent of the 1725 employees or 517 medical-paramedical staff in patients treated with corona became infected with the corona in one year. This includes 70 senior doctors, 202 resident doctors, 56 intern doctors, and 189 nursing staff. Details of how many employees died have not been given.
The first patient on 19 March 2020
On the day of 19 March 2020, a patient living in the Bopal area of ​​Ahmedabad city came to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for examination with symptoms of Cold-Khasi. When the symptoms were somewhat different, the doctors performed a corona test on the patient who tested positive.
The D-9 corona, prepared for the treatment of coronary patients, was admitted to the isolation ward for treatment.
Kovid Hospital
The 1200-bed hospital in the Civil Hospital complex of Ahmedabad was shifted to Kovid Hospital on 7 April due to the increasing number of coronary patients.
The hospital’s 700 beds were rehabilitated to treat women and children in Corona cases as cases slowly declined. There are currently 500 beds for the treatment of patients with coronary heart disease. Patients have been admitted here from across the state and in some cases also from outside the state.
1725 staff
More than 250 doctors, 450 nursing staff and 600 cleaning staff are found in three shifts and 1200 employees are on duty round the clock. In addition, 1, 0 patient attendants, 60 nursing students, 120 security staff, 18 biomedical engineers, 20 PROs, 15 counselors, 46 X-rays and lab technicians and 15 drivers were found.
76 thousand patients examined
Over a 12-month period, Corona has examined 55,159 patients in OPD and 21,09 in IPD.
There are about 50 beds with ventilators. So far, 26,34,666 cubic mm of oxygen has been consumed. Estimated cost of Rs. 11 crores.
1.83 Lakh Corona Test
The 1200-bed hospital has so far tested corona of 1,86,778 people, of which 18,701 have tested positive.
5 million special medicine
Tosilizumab injections of 80 mg at a cost of Rs 8.5 lakh, 100 injections at a cost of Rs 100.
At a cost of Rs 4.57 crore, 16,328 Ramdasavir injections have been given to patients.

Clean room for children
A special “clean room” has been activated. In a family where both parents are positive and have young children and no caregiver, the nursing staff protects the children. These children are given everything they need starting with Cerelac Powder.
No access to relatives
Relatives are not allowed to enter the ward for security. A relative is allowed to accompany the protective device in case of special need or feeling and demand of the patient, whether the patient is on a ventilator or requires a procedure.
video calling
Arrangements have been made for the seating of relatives in the dome. On mobile, the patient can talk to his relatives through video calling. About 50 mobiles have been arranged for this.
control room
Many health facilities like in-house dialysis center, in-house lab, first plasma bank started all over India, Geriatric ward for adult patients, 24-hour control room like war room, Help desk in hospital, Corona patients. To prevent from. Go out for dialysis. Has been made available. (Translated from Gujarati)