What is the reason behind BJP’s Forest Minister Patkar hiding his face in the trees?

Gandhinagar, 20 March 2021
The state forest department gave details of the expenditure on transplanting in the assembly, but did not provide information on whether the people were grown or planted. What does the Forest Minister want to hide by not giving details of how many saplings were planted in a village after spending one and a half lakh rupees?

How many trees have been planted when such details are made public at a cost of Rs 52,000 per hectare? BJP’s Minister of State for Forests Raman Patkar walks with his face hidden in trees.

Under regional afforestation, saplings have been planted in 935 villages of Panchmahal district at a cost of Rs 13 crore. Panchmahal was planted in 138 villages in 6 talukas of the district. As a result, 2.43 lakh man-days of employment have been generated at the local level. In Godhra taluka, an area of ​​1003 hectares has been planted in the last two years. It has cost Rs 5.18 crore.