Even if China digs the border, it imports oil from Modi’s Gujarat, bought 50,000 tonnes of groundnut oil

Ahmedabad, 23 September 2020

China’s imports have suffered. But groundnut oil from Gujarat. Brass parts from Jamnagar in Gujarat are also in high demand during the Korona period in China. China relies on India in terms for oil. Currently there is a huge demand for peanut oil in China. Therefore, the price of groundnut oil is seen increasing in our country. In the last two months, China has imported more than 50,000 tonnes of groundnut oil from India.

Its effect is being seen in the oil market. Currently, edible oil prices are skyrocketing. There is a tense atmosphere between India and China. Chinese goods are being boycotted from the country. Peanut oil is used in every Chinese food dish. Peanuts are also widely grown in China. But asks for it from Gujarat. The demand for peanut oil in China is increasing day by day.

Major oil traders from Gujarat are exporting oil to China. Despite the increase in peanut production, the price of peanut oil has not decreased as it should. There is a demand from China behind this. Oil traders say that demand for groundnut oil will increase in China in the coming days.