To solve a crime in Gujarat, CCTV an investment of Rs 9 lakh per crime  

Gandhinagar, 19 March 2021

For the Home Department in 2021-22, Rs. 7,960 crores is about to be spent. The poor performance of the state police has led to unrest, insecurity and insecurity in the state. Crimes are not solved in the state. Earlier, there were hooligans in the Congress, now the goons have come in the BJP. Some security projects have been introduced in the Assembly on 18 March 2021. There is a situation that needs to be reviewed.

VISWAS-1 Project

2700 crimes solved with VISWAS-1

With the help of the VISWAS-1 network from 12 January 2020 to January 2021, police have been able to solve 2683 crimes in a year. This means that 9 lakh rupees have been invested to solve a crime.

The VISWAS-1 project is critical to CCTV-based surveillance networks and traffic management. More than 6,000 CCCTVs for effective surveillance network cover a total of 41 locations at 33 district headquarters, 6 important religious places and 1 Kevadia. C. TV cameras have been installed. It had earlier announced that 7500 cameras would be installed in 33 districts and 6 religious places of the state at a cost of Rs 239 crore. In which there is a camera of Rs 3,18,666. Market circles believe the price is high.


Under the Viswas-2 project, around 50 Tier-2 cities are located on national / state highways, with toll plazas on inter-state borders.

Why did the cost come down

In 2021, it was announced that an additional 8,000 cameras would be installed at Rajkot and Vadodara at a cost of Rs 150 crore. A camera will cost an average of 187500. Which fell from 3.20 to 3.50 lakhs in 2019. 21 new vacancies will also be filled for management.


There is the University of Forensic Sciences and the University of Defense. It was given national status but to no avail.

Body camera

Around 10,000 body war cameras will be allocated at a cost of Rs 50 crore. Is in Uttar Pradesh.

622 cameras in the police station

Police Station C.C. Under the TV project, 7,354 CCs have been deployed in 622 police stations of the state to monitor the proceedings in police stations. TV cameras have been installed and are working. Till date, the Gujarat government has not announced in the assembly how many policemen were found taking bribes or indulging in illegal activities. 

E-Gujkop Project

The e-Gujkop project launched under the State Crime Records Bureau has connected all 625 police stations and 1,348 other police offices in the state. All the FIRs registered under e-Gugkop in the state are uploaded online within 24 hours. Due to this project, citizens will no longer have to go to the police station for all services related to the police department.

More than 5,000 stolen vehicles have been identified through the vehicle search application through E-Gugkop and more than 7,000 offenders have been identified and legal action taken against them through the criminal search application. Citizens can easily carry out the necessary police verification of passports at home with the help of e-Gujkop. So far 16 lakh citizens have been verified.

With the help of e-sign software, citizens will not have to go to the police station individually for different types of NOCs.

4900 tablets will be provided

Under the e-Gujkot project, police personnel will be given 4,900 tablets at a cost of Rs 3 crore for pocket coop.

New prison

To make the jail system effective, a provision of Rs 25 crore has been made in the year 2021-22. A new district jail will be constructed at Devbhoomi Dwarka.

100 cars will be purchased

To ensure the safety of women and children, 100 cars will be purchased under the 181 Abhyam Helpline.

Despite the continuous rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Gujarat for the last 25 years, the functioning of the police force, peace, security and security has been repeatedly questioned.

Despite the enactment of new laws to prevent incidents like poor families, women, gossip, land grabbing, gangsters, the state has an atmosphere of fear rather than security.

The IPC, Aspect, amended the Fisheries Act. Antisocial elements are indifferent despite making the law strict.

Drugs worth crores of rupees are seized in drug-free Gujarat. 20,000 crores of corruption is happening. The BJP has also tightened the penal provisions in the anti-liquor law. But alcohol has started selling more. Although the law has been amended and strict provisions have been made to prevent slaughter of cows, the beef is still caught.

1 lakh going to the police force. There is no peace, security and security in Gujarat. Any political prominence is being treated shamefully by the police. Gangsters are given asylum by politicians and police.

Strict amendments will also be made in the Gujarat Independent Religion Act-2003 to eradicate love jihad. This means that the law made by the BJP is not effective.

FSL Operations

FSL is used to solve crime. During 2020, 5,09,942 samples were tested in 2,12,407 cases. In which 4,277 samples from 352 cases of central investigative agencies were tested along with 458 samples from 55 cases from other states. 14,941 crime scenes and fingerprints were visited.

Increased corruption

The operation of the Anti-Corruption Bureau to control corruption is not effective. An error on corruption for 20 years Kush is not felt. In the year 2020, A.C.B. The conviction rate in the court has increased by 17 per cent. The conviction rate was earlier 23 percent which is now 40 percent. The Discovery of disproportionate assets worth more than Rs 123 crore has been removed in the last 5 years. In the year 2020, only 38 cases of disproportionate assets have been reported. Which is the largest figure ever. In which disproportionate assets of more than Rs 50 crore have been found. This figure is equivalent to a snowball in the sea in proportion to the corruption of Gujarat government officials. (Translated from Gujarati)