With green leaves and powder of wheat plants, a new life

Gandhinagar, 21 May 2023

Dharamshi Patel, a farmer from Jeevanpura village near Gujarat’s financial capital Ahmedabad, is earning Rs 1 lakh a month. Earlier he used to do business of buffalo milk. Leaving this, he prepared wheat crop and started the business of selling leaves.

In view of the increasing consumption of juice, it was decided to cultivate wheat and supply its leaves to Ahmedabad. This business was started because people developed a fondness and tendency to drink wheat leaf juice.

Crop grown at a temperature of 27 degrees. That’s why it becomes difficult to take crop in summer except winter-monsoon. That’s why farming is done in the nethouse.

He used to make pamphlets by hand writing on paper and put them in newspapers. That experiment was successful. Jawara cultivation increased. They give PAN to 8 dealers in Ahmedabad city. Anand, Vadodara, Bharuch and Surat are doing the same. Started with the production of 500 grams. Now Dharamshibhai produces 40 kg of leaves per day.

What is wheatgrass juice?

Wheat plants are super food. The leaves of wheat plants are completely embroidered. Whose leaves are used from 6 to 8 inches. A spoonful of powder does not contain 500 grams of green vegetables or fruits, dried fruits or beans. Rin is a wheat plant called gold, green blood. New consciousness is communicated. Amino acids create a renewal of cells. Vitamin B -12 is available from only two vegetarian items in which wheat sail is one. There is a lot of time to rejuvenate. screw

Amrita is. Do not take or drink a diet for an hour. The juice can be taken in fruits or its juice and vegetable juice. Wheat juice in sour juice disables enzymes. 48 lakh tonnes of wheat is produced in Gujarat. In Gujarat, millet, mug, barley and wheat were cultivated 4 thousand years ago.

A concentrated sun is power. All green plants have chlorophyll, but chlorophyll is very good in wheat plants. Chlorophylls are in special types of cells called chloroplasts. Chloroplast produces nutrients with the help of solar rituals. Wheat juice contains blood and bleeding diseases and nutrients and all nutrients. Diabetic remains under control. Benefits the effects of heart disease, blood flow, lungs, smoking.

Help digestion
Chlorophyll is very beneficial for the body in digestive problems. Wheat leaf juice is absolutely digestive process. There are a large number of many types of enzymes. Which helps in digesting the body. The body takes a few moments of digestion and there is very little labor to digest the body. Intestinal inflammation reduces the risk of ulcerative colitis. The pH factor of both interest and human blood is 7.4. As soon as an oblivion occurs. Stimulates digestion, anorexia, improves immunity.

There are 102 minerals and 19 amino acids. The folds are found with green leaves of wheat. There are 92 minerals. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, chlorophyll, iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, fiber, vitamins, vitamins, vitamins B, C and E, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, c.

Its powder-tablet, etc. is better than juices. Wheat powder contains chlorophyll in the body. Blood cells grow.

Profit in disease
Body lesions, hair white, high blood pressure, sleep, anemia, blood deficiency, swelling, blood deficiency, cold, asthma, sinus, intestinal inflammation, insect, thyroid, treaty, pain, arthritis, liver, malaria.

Magnesium has the advantage of constipation.
Liquid chlorophyll cleanses the body’s waste by removing the toxins of the body. In wheat leaves, such elements are found forty times more than carrots, cabbage etc. to remove the toxicity of the body. Eliminates harmful bacteria.

Skin, blood vessels, young, premature aging, skin, skin wrinkles, acne, dermatitis, eczema or psorosis, itching, body odor. Start the body again. Java is also useful if hands and legs are broken.

Calorie helps reduce cholesterol levels. Due to which the risk of heart disease is low.

Protection against cancer, safety of body from radiation,

Decay of mouth, throat, teeth

Sex life, fertility, feminine fertility, breastfeeding, pregnancy, breastfeeding, benefits many types of problems.
Rickery in oxygen helps to keep brain cells alert.

Allergies, diarrhea, anxiety, nervousness, nausea, headache, damage to swelling in the throat.