In Gujarat, liquor permits cost Rs. 6 thousand per annum 

Gandhinagar, 16 March 2021

Despite liquor banded, most liquor is sold in Gujarat. Only police officers have been caught drinking alcohol. In Gujarat, a person’s drinking permit is revoked following the recommendation of the medical board for health reasons. The number of permit holders is increasing. In the last three years, 31,499 permits have been issued and the government has earned Rs 19,10,26,275. Thus, in Gujarat, Rs. 6065 per person per year is spent on liquor fee and the same amount is spent on liquor. One who drinks 17 rupees a day. However, despite the permit, the permit holder drinks a large amount of alcohol in the market. If it is believed, then every person drinks liquor of 40 rupees per day.

22 thousand crores of liquor

It is estimated that 25% of people in Gujarat drink alcohol at home and at home. Accordingly, if 1.50 crore people are alcoholic, then it is estimated that they drink Rs 60 crore daily and Rs 22,000 crore a year. It is estimated that such installments are being given to the police, politicians, social workers, other elites. Other states levy 100 percent tax, similarly, taxation in Gujarat can fetch up to Rs 22,000 crore per year in income tax.

Details disclosed to MLA

Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar sought information from the government on liquor permits issued in the last three years and how much revenue was received from them. As per government data, 31,499 permits have been issued in the state in the last three years, with the maximum number of permits issued in Ahmedabad district. This permit will be valid till the year 2024. The state government has earned Rs 19,10,26,275 in issuing new permits and renewing permits in three years.

6,34,19,850 revenue has been generated from 9226 permits in Ahmedabad district.

6,34,19,850 income out of 957 permits in Gandhinagar.

2,59,86000 out of 5743 in Surat.

1,78,600 revenue from 27 permits in Tapi.

77,83,500 revenue from 925 permits in Bharuch.

2,23,70,500 revenue from 3049 permits in Vadodara.

Revenue 18,03,000 out of 739 in Bhavnagar.

6,52,600 revenue from 113 permits in Navsari.

1,69,55,100 income from 2836 permits in Rajkot. Rs.5978 a person spends on liquor fee.

4,95,000 revenue from 169 permits in Valsad. Rs.293 a person spends on liquor fee.

9,000 income from 2 permits in Dang. 4,000 a person spends on liquor fee.

21,46,100 revenue from 295 permits in Nadiad. Rs.7275 a person spends on liquor fee.

64,71,350 revenue from 912 permits in Anand. Rs.7095 a person spends behind liquor fee.

1,65,00 Income from 39 permits in Narmada.

Revenue of 7,39,000 from 124 permits in Godhra.

4,55,000 revenue from 83 permits in Sabarkantha.

16,91,350 revenue from 267 permits in Banaskantha.

8,58,400 revenue from 109 permits in Patan.

16,44,000 revenue out of 359 in Mehsana.

3,97,050 revenue from 60 permits in Dahod.

77,77,400 income from 1399 permits in Kutch.

51,63,350 revenue from 960 permits in Jamnagar.

Revenue of 18,40,000 out of 313 permits in Junagadh.

5,41,000 income from 85 permits in Amreli.

79,46,000 revenue from 1529 permits in Porbandar.

24,61,050 revenue from 384 permits at Surendranagar.

1,89,000 revenue from 29 permits in Aravali.

13,72,650 revenue from 233 permits in Morbi.

9,06,800 revenue from 244 permits in Devbhoomi Dharka.

4,52,000 revenue from 133 permits at Gir Somnath.

3,49,000 revenue from 62 permits in Botad.

1,34,100 revenue from 18 permits in the ocean.

5,09,500 income from 7 permits in Chhotaipur.