Gujarat Congress MLA was offered to buy for ministerial post and Rs 25 crore by BJP


Gandhinagar, 21 January 2021

The presence of Congress MLA Bhikha Joshi at the event of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in Junagadh on 20 January 2021 caused much controversy. Spread that the BJP has bought them. But, his name of clarity was written on the invitation card. He had to recommend the remaining works in Junagadh, so he went to program.

Talking to the media on the matter, MLA Bhikha Joshi said, “I have asked Singhdarshan to expedite the disposal of the case. The entire Junagadh has been dug up, so the people of Junagadh are unhappy. They are in the Congress, they are Congress Stay with and pay the party’s debt.

On joining the BJP, Bhikha Joshi said, “This is never possible in the past or the future.” A few years ago I was offered a Cabinet Minister and before that a sum of Rs 25 crores by a BJP leader. But I have turned down this offer. Before Jawahar Chavda, I was offered a Cabinet Ministry.

Bhikha Joshi said, so there is no idea of ​​joining BJP. I have been made an MLA three times by the Congress at a time when there was no money in my pocket. So I have to pay the debt of Congress.

He had earlier said that he was earlier in BJP, now BJP is not like before.

Earlier on this issue, Congress state president Amit Chavda had said that crores of rupees are bought with greed for the MLAs. Some Congress friends resigned from the commotion.

Junagadh Municipal Corporation elections are coming to a close.

Earlier, city Congress leader Vinu Amipara resigned. MLA from Junagadh Bhikha Joshi was angry with the party.

Before this, Bhikha Joshi claimed that I have never given up my allegiance to the Congress. I did not leave the Congress despite BJP’s proposal of Rs 25 crore and a ministerial post. But now only a few people of the party are trying to end my politics.

The inspector came to me and gave me the list and said that all these tickets are final. All our tickets were cut, although I had to fill out a form for the post of mayor.