India’s Kovid-19 situation worrisome, may prove more dangerous than 2020: WHO

WHO said that they are watching India’s corona situation very closely and all necessary help is being provided in time.
The corona epidemic has caused havoc all over the world. WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Gabriaceus warned that we are in the second year of this epidemic and it could prove to be more deadly than the first year.

Ghebresias said during a media briefing on Friday that the condition of corona in India is very bad, cases are increasing rapidly in many states, many patients are getting admitted in hospitals and even deaths are happening. It has been informed by the World Health Organization that they are watching the corona situation of India very closely and all necessary help is being provided in time. It has been reported that many oxygen concentrators have been sent to India with the help of WHO, masks have been sent and many other medical equipments are also being supplied.

The WHO has said that over 33 lakh 46 thousand people worldwide have lost their lives due to corona. Along with this, the WHO has appealed to the rich nations to rethink about vaccination of children. The World Health Organization advised these countries to donate the Kovid-19 vaccine to poor countries under the Kovacs scheme instead.

Meanwhile, Japan has extended the period of emergency in the country amid the demand to cancel the Olympics.

The Director General of WHO said that the number of deaths due to the epidemic has increased very fast. Japan has declared an emergency in three more areas just 10 weeks before the Olympics, while there is a demand for cancellation of the event in a compass with more than 3,50,000 signatures.

Tokyo and the surrounding area were under the order of emergency till the end of May, now Hiroshima, Okayama, North Hokkaido have also been brought under its ambit, where the Olympic marathon is to be held.

The Director General of WHO has acknowledged that the supply of vaccine is a big challenge for the whole world. At the same time, he has also said that it is important to insist on saving both life and livelihood in the midst of increasing cases.

Now the situation of Corona in India is explosive, many other countries are suffering from the second wave. On behalf of the WHO chief, it has been said that apart from India, cases of corona are also increasing in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vetnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Egypt.

Talking about India’s corona situation, 3 lakh 26 thousand 123 new cases have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours, while 3,879 people have lost their lives. In terms of statistics, the number of infected patients in the country has seen a decline. Has been For the past few days, the cases are constantly getting less. But the graph of death is still worrying.