Read how insensitive the government is towards soldiers who are fighting Corona war.

The government did not give an injection to the soldiers fighting the Corona war but gave Rs 50 lakh after death, read how governments are insensitive

On the one hand the Corona War fighters are being honored with flowers, while on the other hand, the fighters are wandering for treatment as they feel infected with the Corona. The Madhya Pradesh government has provided Rs 50 lakh for financial assistance to the families of Corona fighters on their deaths, but the government has no answer on the cost of hospitalization if infected.

Doctors, nursing staff, police officers have to raise money for treatment from their friends, colleagues and relatives. This is also happening in Gujarat. The government pays very little, infected corona soldiers have to borrow money. He is being treated at SV Hospital instead of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

The case of the fighter is gaining momentum after a 70-day battle between the epidemics. There are about 20,000 corona fighters in Indore. Who are engaged in battle with the Corona day and night. Government officials, police, doctors, nursing staff, hospital staff are the most common and directly exposed to corona infection. Because of this, the risk of infection is also the highest.

So far more than 100 warriors have been infected. Severely infected people were shifted to private medical colleges or private hospitals for treatment. Now the soldiers are being given a huge bill. The government claimed that corona infections would be treated free of charge. The issue was recently raised at a college council meeting. At the time, officials said, doctors could get free treatment at MRTB and MTH if they wanted to. If you want treatment in a private hospital, then you have to pay for it.

Corona, a senior anesthesiologist at a major hospital, contracted the infection during treatment. Were referred to a private hospital known in the Red category. The hospital paid a bill of Rs 1.75 lakh. The government was asked to pay the bill, but the government refused to pay it. Eventually the soldier had to pay for himself.

Corona was infected while on duty at the then TI of the old Indore police station. Rs 50 lakh was given to his family at the time of his death. But he needed a special injection. Who refused to pay the price. Fellow policemen arranged for the money needed for the injection. He died during treatment. After his death, the government provided financial assistance of Rs 50 lakh to his relatives. But did not pay for a few thousand cost injections during treatment.

M.T.H. A doctor at MY Hospital contracted the infection while on duty at. He was admitted to a private hospital. There he needed to be injected. It costs 40 thousand rupees. Helped the Doctors Association. But there was no help at the government level. A similar incident happened a few days ago with a doctor in the anesthesia department. The hospital gave him a bill of Rs 52,000. The latter was paid for by the Red Cross.

When the administration refers the patient to such a hospital, the patient feels that if the government has sent him, the treatment will be free, but that does not happen.
The issue of treatment of doctors and Corona fighters in a private hospital has also come up before the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) recently. According to doctors involved in the meeting, the ACA said Corona’s veterans could be treated in a private room at the hospital. The government will bear the cost of treatment, but no clear orders have been issued in this regard yet.

How will the doctor and nursing staff work when Corona is at its peak in June-July? During this time the situation will become difficult to handle. It is very important for the government to formulate a new policy in this regard. The same is true in Gujarat.