Cow help scheme became a joke for the farmers engaged in natural farming

Gandhinagar, 14 December 2020

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday on December 25, he will provide assistance of Rs. 900 to the owner of 1 lakh indigenous cow in Gujarat. On 25 December 2020, till now the cow owners were to get Rs.8100 under this scheme. Also barely got Rs. 8400. Thus, the government is cheating cows by getting votes in the name of cows. One thing has emerged from this scheme that 2% landowners are doing natural farming in Gujarat. But the figure is actually higher. From April 2020, we had to pay 900 rupees every month. That government too cannot deliver on time. Seeing the resentment of the pastoralists and farmers across the country, it is now beginning to provide assistance. That too was the pressure of the Governor of Gujarat, so the Rupani government is implementing the plan for the first time.

The Gujarat government ordered that farmers engaged in indigenous cow based farming be given Rs 900 per cow per month. Plans for promoting natural farming were announced in the Legislative Assembly in March 2020. In which Rs 10800 was to be paid per year. The scheme was implemented on 26 June by issuing a circular. In fact, it was to take effect on April 1, 2020. Implemented the scheme 3 months late.

The maintenance cost for the April to June quarter was Rs 2700, which was to be met by every hick in the month of July. The second installment of Rs 2,700 from July to September was to be received in October, but it was not given. October-December installment of Rs 2,700 was to be received in January.

Out of 45 lakh indigenous cows in Gujarat, only 1 lakh domestic cow owners are being assisted, i.e. less than 2% of the rural people. A cow had to pay Rs 8,100 for 9 months till now. Instead, an owner is being given Rs 4,800. If it is to be given for 6 months, it is Rs 5400 for 1 lakh cows.

According to the 2020 report of the Animal Husbandry Department of the Government of India, the population of cows and bulls in Gujarat

In 2019

The total livestock population in Gujarat is 2.68 crore. The total number of cows was 99.83 lakhs. It had 67.67 lakh cows and 32 lakh bulls. The total number of domestic cows was 43.76 lakhs. The number of oxen was 18.49 lakhs.

in 2012

The total livestock population in Gujarat was 2.57 crore.

The number of native cows was 46.30 lakhs. The total number was 94.59 lakhs with bulls, calves and bulls. In which the number of bulls was 3 million.

Gujarat is not ranked 1 to 10 in the country in terms of cow population, but is third in the country with a population of 1 crore buffaloes.

Cow Support Terms

Jersey and H.F. Like foreign cows. A native cow should have an identification tag and do natural cultivation with its cow dung urine or benefit will be gained after natural farming.

Online Application, natural farming should be low cost cow dung and cow urine cultivation based on the basic principles of nature. It has been decided to provide this assistance.

The circular was issued on 26 June 2020. In which help is written for one cow only. The aid amount was announced as a corona epidemic of Rs 66.50 crore.

For natural farming, the farmer has to use cow dung manure and pesticides. Which will increase soil fertility in the long run. People will get the benefit of healthy organic grains and vegetables. A provision of Rs 50 crore has been made to cover 50 thousand farmers. The government has launched a scheme to encourage farmers to take up cow-based natural farming.