This Robot serves food, water and medicines to COVID-19 Patients

Ward boys, nurses are the frontline Corona warriors in our society who probably come into contact with Covid positive patients for many times and for the longest duration. It is with a noble thought of helping these warriors that Pratik Tirodkar, an Instrumentation engineer from Thane came out with the idea of developing a robot which would dispense food, water and medicines to corona patients in their wards without necessity of physical presence of nurses and other care-givers.

Coro-bot cuts away the requirement of physical contact of nurses and ward boys with the patient. It delivers food, water, medicines to them. It can interact with them by using camera. Patients are cautioned through audio reminders to sanitise their hands before they pick up things from trays. The robot has 3 trays which can store various things.

Coro-bot not only allows sanitisation by users but it also sanitises itself to avoid spreading of viruses through touching of its surfaces. It has 3 nozzles at the back to spray disinfectant on itself. Moreover, it goes on sanitising the path it treads by using UV lights which do the primary sanitising of its path.

It has 3 trays which can carry 10-15 kg weight each and storage at the bottom has 30 kg capacity. Hence it can easily carry supplies for 10-15 people at a time.