Jawaharlal was the son of the richest father in the country, Gandhiji, Sardar Patel was a millionaire

Ahmedabad, 18 June 2022
Addressing a press conference, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee Vice President Dr. Jitubhai Patel said that at the time of independence, Jawaharlal Nehru had assets worth Rs 200 crore at that time, out of which he had given 96 percent of his wealth to the country. He had kept Rs 4 crore with him. Today, if you look at the market price of Anand Bhavan, it is worth Rs 2 lakh crore.

Former Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam wrote of him in the Journal of the Indian Institute of Law, “Jawahar’s father Motilal Nehru was a great lawyer, one of the richest men of his time. The British judge was his eloquence and his distinctiveness. was influenced by the style. This was the reason why he succeeded so quickly and effectively. In those days, it was almost rare for an Indian lawyer to stand trial in the Privy Council of Great Britain. But Motilal became a lawyer. . ”

Fee of Rs 5 goes up to Rs 5000
Motilal came to Allahabad after 3 years and started practicing in the High Court in 1988. At that time British judges did not pay much attention to Indian lawyers. Motilal influenced almost all the British judges. P. Satsivam writes, “For the first case in the High Court, he got a fee of five rupees. Then he went on to progress CDs. Never looked back. Later he started getting huge amount for a case, which was in thousands. At that time he was getting a fee of 5 thousand.

their arguments in court
Sir John Age was the Chief Justice of Allahabad in those days. He considered Motilal to be one of the most capable lawyers. When they came to argue, the crowd listened to them. Always able to not only present his case effectively but also to explain the whole matter in a specific way.

became the most expensive lawyer of the country
Matters of big zamindars, talukdars and the land affairs of kings and maharajas started coming to him. He went on to become one of the most expensive lawyers in the country. His lifestyle was European. Coat, Pants, Watch, Pride etc. in the house. After 1889 he often went to England for the case. There they stayed in expensive hotels.

Clothes are sewn in London and washed in Europe
It is said about Motilal Nehru that his clothes were made from London. Not only this, these clothes were specially washed. Which happened only in Europe, so he was sent there from Allahabad. His family lived in a western way while in India he was not known. The dining table was covered with expensive crockery and knives and forks.

Anand Bhawan
During his two years in the Allahabad High Court, Motilal Nehru bought the Swaraj Bhavan for Rs 20,000. In 1900, Motilal Nehru bought a tall and wide building and its land called Mahmud Manzil in Allahabad. Swaraj Bhavan had 42 rooms. Later, he donated these properties worth crores to the Indian Congress in the 1920s.

Anand Bhawan
In 1930 he bought another big property near Civil Lines. He named it Anand Bhavan. It is said that it took many years to decorate this building. It included unique and valuable items and furniture one after the other. The furniture of Anand Bhavan came from Europe and China. It was dedicated to the country by Indira Gandhi in 1970.

english housewives
In those days one or two Englishmen in his family were working as maidservants. English Twitter was coming to teach the children in the family.

first foreign car
In those days cars were not made in India, but were bought and imported from abroad. In those days there was hardly any car in Allahabad. The first foreign car on the streets of Allahabad belonged to the Nehru family.

they like to make money
Motilal remained India’s highest-paid lawyer for decades after 1900. He was considered one of the richest men in the country. “It is clear in my mind that I want to earn money,” he wrote to his son Jawahar. Work hard for it and then earn money. However, there are many people who want to get the most out of it. But don’t work.

At the top
In the 1920s, when Motilal Nehru heard and understood Mahatma Gandhi and came close to him, he left law and joined the country’s independence movement. Although he was at the top at that time. Was earning a lot of money. It is often said that whenever the Congress went through a financial crisis, Motilal saved it by giving it money. He has also been the President of Congress twice. He died on 6 February 1931 in Lucknow.

The splendor of Jawaharlal Nehru in London
Jawaharlal Nehru went to Hero and Trinity College to study. And they started living happily ever after. Father Motilal arranged a car and driver along with the entire staff for his convenience. When Jawaharlal was about to take admission in London College, Motilal went to London with his entire family for four-five months. The whole family lived happily ever after.

Barrister at Cambridge
He secured the highest marks in the bar examination at Cambridge. After coming to India, he started working as a lawyer in Kanpur. A barrister educated in Britain had a special status in those days. There were also less barristers in the country. Sardar Patel was also a barrister in Ahmedabad. Gandhiji was also a barrister of England.

The life of Gandhiji and the country’s freedom fighter Sardar Patel was also like jewellery. He had earned a lot of money at that time. But then Motilal, Jawahar, Sardar and Gandhiji left crores for the country. billions of dollars donated to country.

Gandhiji, Sardar and Jawaharlal Nehru gave their property worth billions of rupees to the country. When Jawahar became the Prime Minister, even Tejmana’s 200 rupees was not in his pocket. Gandhiji had no property. When Sardar died, he did not even have 200 rupees in the bank.

Dr. Jitubhai Patel
Vice President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, Dr. Jitubhai Patel said that if the saffron Englishmen had spent even a single rupee from such dictators, they would have given the account. Motilal Nehru’s monthly income was enough to buy a quarter of the area of ​​Ahmedabad. The son of such a rich man gave up everything in the freedom struggle and lived in the harsh prison of the British. The ancestors of these current dictators give an account of how many years they spent in jail for India’s independence.

Today’s dictators sold Gaucher
Today’s dictators wear expensive clothes 4 times a day. It is inherited from the lineage of his most revered father. The dictator, who has alleged in the National Herald, has an account that Gaucharo has been sold for Rs. They have duped crores and billions of rupees by handing over land to industrialists by brokering land, destroying cows and sending them to slaughterhouses.

Today’s leader has sold the country
Siddharth Patel, former president of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, while addressing a press conference said, the entities on the verge of sale are not ready to take insurance of fuel, gas and other natural products in the country. Presently the corrupt government is trying to sell its assets in all areas of the country, handing over large scale industries like petrol LIC infrastructure to its cronies at very cheap rates. destroying the economy. At present, 60 lakh domestic industries have been closed in the country.

Siddharth Patel said that due to which crores of people have become unemployed. The mentality of the government is that no one should raise their voice against the government, no one should speak loudly and if anyone raises their voice or speaks loudly then they are considered anti-national and the present government is working to suppress their voice. The BJP government has crossed all limits of abuse of power.