Modi is putting Ahmedabad Metro in loss for 20 years!

Ahmedabad, September 27, 2022

It has taken 20 years to complete the work of 32 km of Ahmedabad Metrorail. The entire project was to be completed in Rs 3 thousand crore, which is now likely to be completed in 2025 for Rs 30 thousand crore. How much did the project cost? If Modi had accepted the words of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the work would have been completed at 25 per cent.

The Rs 3,000 crore project that Modi has used to win the election will become 10 times more expensive when completed in 2025, will be, 30 thousand crores.

Expenditure since 2003

In 2003, the cost of metro rail was Rs 3,000. In 2007, the project cost was Rs. 8000 crores. In 2014 Rs. 10773 crores. In 2016 Rs. 12787 crores and will increase to 20 thousand crores in 2022. The cost of the Ahmedabad Metrorail project may be Rs 30,000 when the project is completed in 2025.

After a delay of 10 years, the project partly, was started in the year 2014 and the deadline was to be completed by 2020. This was also increased to 2022. Initially, its price was estimated at Rs 11 thousand crore, which has increased to Rs 13 thousand crore. Delays in Metro operations and changes in route alignment have increased the cost of the project.


The total investment for the first phase project is Rs. 10,773 crores have been fixed.

For the Thaltej to Vastral track of 20.536 km, it was fixed at Rs 6,681 crore.

3,994 crore was earmarked for the 17.23 km route from Motera to APMC-Vasna.

6,066 crore was to be recovered by taking money on interest. Government of India Rs. 1,990 crore and the share of the State Government is Rs. 1,990 crore was fixed. Subordinate Agencies Rs. 727 crores were to be withheld.

There is a lot of delay in the completion of the metro train project. Metro Phase 1 project costing Rs. The state government had approved a hike of Rs 2,000 crore. The total cost of the first phase of the 40.03 km metro rail was estimated at Rs 12787 crore. The state government has spent Rs 4228.86 crore on Metrorail in five years.

Gandhinagar Metro

The Gandhinagar Metrorail work will start in 2021 and was to be completed in 2023. Which will happen in 2025. The price of which has also increased a lot.

The total length of the metro line in Gandhinagar was 34.59 km. But as per the revised DPR the length of the metro route is 28.26 km. It has two lines done. The first of the 22.84 km length connects Motera to Mahatma Mandir. Another 5.42 km long branch from Gujarat National Law University will connect PDPU and GIFT City. The Gandhinagar work was to be completed in 2020.

Ahmedabad Metro

2 years ago, 457 crores more than the grant for Ahmedabad Metro, 3023 crores allocated, 3480 crores were spent.

Grant allocated and utilized over 5 years

1st April to 31st March

Annual Allotment Amount Rs.(in Crore) Expenditure Amount Rs.(In Crore)

2014 – 550 – 362.46

2015 – 150 – 226.37

2016 – 633 – 452.38

2017 – 651 – 1112.67

2018 – 1039 – 1326.38

Total 3023 – 3480.26


2019 – 1008

2020 – 2032

2021 – 1300

2022 – 3067

cost 12500

Where and what in Metro Phase-II?

Phase-II was given the final approval by the state government in October-2017. The central government has approved a grant of Rs 5400 crore in February 2019.

The metro rail project running between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad could not be completed.

Only 6.5 km of work was done in Ahmedabad Metro Rail 17. The cost of the project was increased from 3500 crores to 12787 crores. At present, the cost of cooling with all three phases and 4 lines has reached 20 thousand crore rupees and by 2025 it will reach 30 thousand crore rupees.

Of the total 39.25 km of the first phase, only 6.5 km has been completed in 17 years, while the cost of the metro in 2003 was Rs. 3500 crores. Which increased in 2019 to Rs. 12787 crore was reached.

It has been 20 years since the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Scheme 2003 project was considered.

The central government had directed the Gujarat government to complete the metro rail work in 2018. So that this project can be used to win the 2019 elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to campaign in the metro train during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Now campaigning again in 2022 and 2024 will campaign with increased public expenditure.

The estimated cost of Gandhinagar metro train is Rs. 6700 crores, but there is a delay, so the cost will be Rs 12 thousand crores.

Ahmedabad Metro Train Schedule

In 2003, the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board was formed for metro trains.

In 2004, the Gujarat government submitted a survey report to the Centre.

It was approved by the Manmohan Singh government at the Center in 2005.

In 2005, Modi abruptly abandoned the Metro Rail project. Against this the project of BRTS bus service was approved.

In 2010, the name of Gujarat Metro Rail was changed to Rail Corporation.

In 2013, the original routes were changed without consideration. In this way billions of rupees were wasted.

In October 2014, when Modi became the Prime Minister, the central government approved the Metro project for Phase-I.

In 2015, Phase-I operations started on March 14.

In 2018, 3 coaches were landed at Mundra port at the end of December

On 28 February 2019, the central government approved the 28 km phase-II of the metro train.

On March 4, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a 6.5 km metro train from Vastral to Paridhan Park.

In January 2020, the second phase Construction work started on the Metro route.

In 2020, the excavation of the Underground Double Tunnel from April Park to Shahpur was completed on 28 August.