Kiran Kher gets blood cancer, treatment continues


Veteran actress Kiran Kher has multiple myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells, and is undergoing treatment. The news was shared by the 68-year-old actress’s husband, actor Anupam Kher, and his son, actor Sikander Kher, in a tweet on Thursday. In his statement, he wrote, “Since rumors cannot improve the situation, Alexander and I want to inform everyone that Kiran is suffering from multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment.” And we are sure that she will come out stronger than before. We are very happy that she is looked after by a very good team of doctors. She has always been a fighter and has been steadfastly facing things. ”

Kher further wrote, “She loves people with all her heart and that’s why there are so many people who love her. So keep sending her in your love and prayers (her heart). She is healing. All of you Thank you for your love and support – Anupam and Alexander. “