Kutch, the world’s largest solar park

Gandhinagar, 17 March 2020
India has pledged 1 lakh 75 thousand MW of electricity in renewable energy by forming the International Solar Alliance in India. Currently 8738 MW of solar power is being produced in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat has planned a special plan to take the people to 22 thousand MW by the year-2022. As part of this, the world’s largest solar park is being constructed in Kutch, producing 8,000 MW of electricity in 80 thousand hectares. 1.25 lakh people have applied in Roof Top in Gujarat. Through which 500 MW of electricity will be generated.

Lightning on the day
The state government has implemented ‘Dinkar Yojana’ to provide electricity to the farmers during the day. For three years, the total is Rs. 3500 crore has been provisioned. This year, Rs. 500 crores has been allotted. Earlier, there was 6776 MW electricity generation which today reached 29452 MW. This is an increase of 475 per cent compared to 563 stations in the year -1995, which is 1972 today. An increase of 350 percent. Earlier, the transformers in the state were 1.09 lakh, which has increased to 16 lakh today.

Power connection
Today against 1.58 crore power connections, it has reached 1.56 crore. The farmers have increased the power connection to 4.28 lakh and increased to 17.42 lakh. Earlier, the revenue was Rs. 2883 crore which has increased to Rs. 50 thousand crore today.

Subsidy to farmers
From year-1960 to year -2016 there were 7 lakh power connections. This year only 1.25 lakh connections will be given. Usually one power connection will cost farmers Rs. It costs 1.50 lakhs, in which the farmer only has to pay a nominal cost of Rs. 15 thousand, while the rest costs the state government. The state government has spent Rs 1,800 crore on agricultural power connection. The difference between the above seven and a half hp motor has given the benefit to all the farmers alike.

45,000 connections were given in Dang, Narmada and Dahod whereas after the year -1995, our government has provided 2 lakh 75 thousand power connections in the area.

Gas grid connection
Gas connection to 17 to 18 lakh families, one crore people have benefited directly from this. All the districts of the state will be connected under the gas grid. The work of linking each district is in progress. Gujarat will be the only state in the country connecting all the districts of the state with a gas grid.

Agaris connected with salt industry have been given solar-based pumps to draw water from salt agar. When there is no season of salt baking, all these solar panels will be consolidated to produce solar energy and the extra power will be generated by selling extra electricity.