On June 30, the new BJP president and Vijay Rupani’s ministers will be removed

Gandhinagar, 26 June 2020

Gujarat Pradesh BJP President Jitendra Waghan’s term of major change in the cabinet has come to an end. There will be a new president and a new organization. With him, Kayagara is preparing to sack 5 ministers, expelling 3 ministers of the state cabinet.

The new president and office bearers will be elected on June 30. District-taluka level elections will be held in early July.

Ishwar Parmar, Vibhavariben Dave, Bhupendrasinh Chundasama and Yogesh Patel will be sacked and replaced by 5 new ministers.

Today, the Honorable National President of Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri JP Nadda and the Hon’ble National Organization General Secretary, Mr. BL Santosh Ji interacted with the national officials, presidents of all the states and organization ministers through video conferencing and discussed about the upcoming plans and the party. Reviewed the organizational and service functions of