Largest migration after partition of Pakistan, 4.25 lakh workers flee in 67 trains to Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar

More than 4 lakh migrant workers reach to their native

Gandhinagar, 8 MAY 2020

The fact that Gujarat did not migrate as much as when India and Pakistan partisan is due to the chaos of Corona’s appearance. If they had received food and a thousand a month, the migration of 10 lakh people so far, including 4.25 lakh people, could have been stopped. Khushwant Singh wrote the book Train to Pakistan. The difference is that at that time Trono was crowded, now less people are being accommodated in Trono. Most trains from Gujarat have gone to India. No other state in India has run so many trolls. Therefore, most migration in India has taken place from Gujarat to the country. All are leaving Gujarat.

Secretary to CM Mr.Ashwani Kumar said,

“ The state government in co-ordination with GOI has successfully sent 1 lakh 21 thousand migrant workers through labour trains to various states like U.P, Bihar, Orissa, etc . In addition to that, the state government also provided the permission for labourers residing in Surat to return to their native districts/talukas. This includes 5500 workers through S.T buses, 1.67 lakh workers through private vehicles and 1.14 lakh workers through their own vehicles /other private means by the permission of Surat Municipal Corporation.”

The state government, in consultation with GOI, has started special labour trains to states like U.P, Bihar, Orissa etc from 2nd May, 2020. 67 labor trains, each with a capacity of 1200, have been operated from 2nd May, 2020 to 6th May, 2020. This includes 39 trains to U.P, 13 trains to Orissa, 13 for Bihar and 2 trains for Jharkhand.

34 more trains will run today which includes 20 to U.P, 4 to Bihar, 2 to Jharkhand, 5 for Orissa, 2 for Madhya Pradesh and 1 for Chhattisgarh. These trains will start from stations in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Morbi, Mehsana, Godhra, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Surat.

Around 1 lakh 21 thousand migrant workers have been sent to their respective home states through these trains.

29540 stranded Gujaratis have been successfully brought back till date. This includes 15,523 from Maharashtra, 4252 from Rajasthan, 1412 from Uttar Pradesh, 1590 from Madhya Pradesh, 1138 from Karnataka, and others from Delhi, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh etc.