4 doctors trained in civil hospital, now joined the service of patients

Ahmedabad, 8 May 2020
Four doctors from Ahmedabad city have joined the treatment at covid19 Dedicated Hospital and started treatment of infected patients. At the request of the government, four doctors spend three to four hours a day in the service of patients at the 1200-bed covid dedicated hospital on the premises of Dr. Tushar Patel, Dr. Jigar Mehta, Dr. Gopal Rawal and Dr. Amrish Civil Hospital.
Dr. Jayaprakash Modi, superintendent in-charge of the civil hospital, said that these four doctors have studied here in the past.
The service of private specialist doctors will bring fruitful results when advanced medical resources are available here with 228 ventilators.
Patients in the hospital who are on a ventilator or bypack have not only got their information by talking directly to the patients but also their treatment information from the doctors.
Although the treatment given here is the best but considering the large number of patients, following the appeal of the state government, we have also decided to join this service. He lauded the approach of the hospital doctors serving these patients 24 hours a day.
Visiting has created a baseline structure. Work with teamwork to win the battle against Corona. It has been a difficult task to take care of so many patients at once and she has decided to join the service voluntarily.