An HRCT test equivalent to 10,000 X-rays, carcinogenic radiation, used for Corona test


Ahmedabad, 4 December 2020

RT-PCR tests and rapid antigen tests are performed to detect corona virus infection. Both these tests have been accepted by the government. The use of HRCT is limited to the extent to which corona disease has spread to the lungs. Not used to diagnose corona disease. In the current state of corona, many people have also considered high resolution computer tomography CT scan HRCT for corona as test doctors of corona which is completely inaccurate. It is not for Corona.

Test for not being in Corona’s list

When a Kovid test is positive, the patient’s home is infected by the government to prevent the person from spreading the infection to other people or relatives. This type of sticker is pasted outside the house as a precaution that the other person should stay away from the house while being isolated. But in the current state of Corona, many families are undergoing HRCT tests to avoid this entire procedure without seeking medical advice.

HRCT – What is High Resolution Computer Tomography

HRCT is used in radio diagnostics to visualize the effects of the virus in the lungs. Doctors do not recommend this test in the initial phase of infection with the corona virus, that is, when the patient is in the incubation phase. This test is not required for a patient with common symptoms such as fever and headache. The stage is determined when it should be performed.

Primary stage is normal

According to doctors, HRCT is most common in the early stages of corona virus. Still private hospitals are making money from patients. Later progressive tests show symptoms when the virus reaches the lungs. When the virus infection becomes severe, the lungs on both sides swell. Excessive scores are seen. Then comes the regression phase in the lungs. This means that the lung infection begins to increase.

In the initial phase, when the Kovid is reported positive and HRCT is done, it is likely to be normal. If the oxygen level is 95 percent or more, it is not necessary to undergo HRCT in the early stages according to medical advice. The second stage i.e. HRCT test is recommended only after 7 days.

The virus changes every 4 to 5 days in HRCT.

The phase of the virus in HRCT changes every 4 to 5 days. Its form is seen changing. This means that if the virus has severely damaged the lungs, HRCT changes over a period of 14 to 28 days.

What is the CS score shown in HRCT?

How much the cord score Kovid virus affects the lungs during HRCT. How infected are the lungs with the corona virus. How much damage the virus has caused to the lungs is known by this score.

There are two lungs in the human body, three in the right lung and two in the left lung. How much effect does the virus have, with a lobe of cord score 25 or 40. If talking about a score of 25, if the sum of the cord score is below 8, it is considered as a mild effect, if it is between 8 and 15, it is considered moderate and if If it is greater than 15, it is considered as a serious effect.

Ventilators are required only in 15-cord stores

The patient needs intensive treatment only when the severity of the cord score becomes more severe. In which it needs to be placed on oxygen or ventilator.

The use of HRCT depends on the extent of the corona. It is not used to diagnose corona disease.

RTPCR for diagnosis of corona. And only antigen is acceptable.

Hazardous radiation

According to radiology medical findings, an HRCT in the human body can absorb 10,000 X-ray radiation from the chest. In the long run, this radiation is also likely to cause cancer.

HRCT scan is not recommended in early stage of corona infection, Dr. Radiologist of Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. Pankaj Amin said.

Radiologist Dr. Parag Seth says that it is useful for the examination of lungs. This test shows how severe the corona is. Which is part of a disease management.