Gujarat BJP’s video of vaccine truth turned out to be false, Parthesh Patel naked Patil


Ahmedabad, 19 May 2021

Social media expert Partesh Patel has revealed that the Gujarat BJP has published false information on its official social media platform on this morning, May 19, 2021.

Partesh, who handles Narendra Modi’s Facebook and page, has caught the BJP’s polemic. All the information given in the fact check video released on the questions raised by the government regarding the vaccine is completely false.

Partesh Patel said that after the BJP government proved a complete failure in Corona, he is now secretly spreading false news on WhatsApp University.

The official social media handle has also started a vicious cycle of misleading people by spreading false information.

Yesterday, senior BJP leaders and ministers of the government were caught spreading false and fake toolkits.

The media and IT in-charge of former Chief Minister Shankarsinh Vaghela has exposed the BJP’s every lie with evidence on this false propaganda of the BJP.

* BJP’s claim and its facts in the video *

* BJP claims: * Vaccine formula is not a messy recipe to be made public!

* Facts: * Kovexin Formula has been announced to open

* BJP claims: * Forced to send vaccine abroad, gave one crore vaccine to India and neighboring countries so that corona does not come from there.

* Fact: * If countries like UK, USA have not exported a single vaccine, then why did India? Will Corona stop giving 10 million vaccines to a neighboring country?

* BJP claims: * Due to international rules, India is bound to export

* Fact: * If India is obliged to export, then why stop exporting now? Do not gossip for the fact that India is not bound.

* BJP claims: * The problem is due to such a large number of vaccinations *

* Fact: * If the government has 7 vaccine manufacturing units, why is it not used?

Gujarat BJP also has an argument that the vaccine formula cannot be disclosed as it is not a recipe of khichdi. But the central government itself has announced that Kovasin’s formula will be revealed. So that the production of vaccine can be increased with the help of other companies. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has also said that by announcing the formula, production should be increased with the help of other companies.

In this way, the social media team of Gujarat BJP is already infamous. The news that they are misleading the people of Gujarat is like a monster. Fool people. Gives the true writer a round against the government and the BJP. It has once again exposed Partesh. Due to such incidents, Gujarat BJP President CR Patil is being maligned more than his crimes.