Fall of Congress in Surat, these leaders will hold lotus with their claws

26 July 2021

Assembly elections are about to come in the state of Gujarat. The coup of the party has also started. Surat Congress leaders will join BJP. Surat Congress Vice President Pratap Darbar, Surat Congress General Secretary Raisang Mori, Surat Congress Women Vice President Amita Agarwal and Surat Congress Minister Zaman Thesia will resign from their posts and party and will wear saffron dupatta of BJP.

Importantly, the condition of Congress in Surat has been pathetic since the time of local body elections. Congress has not got a single seat in Surat Municipal Corporation. Surat Municipal Corporation once had 36 Congress councilors as opposition and now Congress Supada has been wiped out. In Surat, 27 councilors of the Aam Aadmi Party have got a place as the opposition.

Importantly, Congress leader Dhiru Gajera will also formally wear the dupatta of BJP at the BJP office in Surat today. Be it local body elections, assembly elections, by-elections or Lok Sabha elections, a large number of Congress leaders, MLAs and office bearers have joined the BJP. Whenever elections come, the internal factionalism and division of the Congress reaches its peak. Dhiru Gajera, who left Congress and joined BJP, has contested from Congress four times. Dhiru Gajera was first a leader of BJP and then joined Congress in a coup. But now Dhiru Gajera has decided to return home. There were also rumors that the BJP was trying to bring in Dhiru Gajera, who had joined the Congress as businessman Mahesh Savani had joined the Aam Aadmi Party.