In Gujarat, with the increase in petrol and diesel prices, all paid an additional Rs 45,000 in 7 years 


Gandhinagar, 27 February 2021

The excise tax hike of 258 percent on petrol and 820 percent on diesel in seven years has disturbed the life of the jinky middle class. Increase in petrol-diesel prices and increase in the price of LPG for 16 consecutive days in the country. Price is being robbed in the cylinder.

Rs.800 on the gas cylinder

4 times a month of February LPG. The price has gone up to Rs 801 per cylinder. The middle class has fallen prey to looting by closing subsidies that have lowered the price of cylinders and exposed unbearable price increases. LPG in the last 3 months By increasing the price of a cylinder by Rs 200, the BJP government has looted crores of rupees from the people of Gujarat.

Robbed of 40 thousand from each person

An additional Rs 21 lakh crore has been taken from the people of the country. An additional Rs 16,153 has been taken from each person. As prices in the world have come down, people should benefit by Rs 20,000. Thus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has collected a total of Rs 36 to 40 thousand 7 years from every people.

People of Gujarat pay VAT of 1200 crores rupees

The Gujarat government is collecting Rs 1,200 crore in VAT every month. The price of petrol in Gujarat is Rs 88 per liter and the price of diesel is Rs 87 per liter.

Everyone paid 45 thousand in 7 years in Gujarat

An additional Rs 1.05 lakh crore has been recovered from Gujarat. There should have been a profit of 1.20 lakh crores in 2014 price. Thus, the Prime Minister has looted 2.25 lakh crore rupees from Gujarat. A total of 34 to 45 thousand rupees have been taken from each person of Gujarat in 7 years.

Modi immersed GSPC in 25 thousand taxes

In addition, Narendra Modi was given a loan of Rs 24,882 crore for Gujarat Petroleum Company GSPC. It has ruined ONGC, the country’s richest company, beating ONGC. The people of Gujarat have not been accounted for. Modi had announced that billions of rupees were recovered from oil wells in Gujarat, Godavari oil wells in India and oil wells abroad. Not a single drop of oil came out of that oil well. Modi has not given oil accounts to the people of Gujarat. Modi committed corruption worth Rs 25,000 crore by staying in Gujarat.

The truth of the loot

Prices fell 42 percent, prices rose 26 percent

On 26 May 2014 it was 108 108.05 per barrel. On 19 February 2021, the price of crude oil fell to 63. 63. However, on February 27, 2021, petrol has increased from Rs 102 to Rs 88.19 per liter. Petrol has increased by 26% despite a 42 percent drop in crude oil prices.


According to the price of crude oil on February 19, 2021, the price of petrol in the country should be Rs 32.72 per liter and diesel should be Rs 33.46 per liter, even though the BJP government is charging Rs 88-102 per liter and diesel Rs 87. -95 per liter.

820 percent tax

The BJP government has increased excise duty on diesel to 820 percent and on petrol to 258 percent.

3.50 lakh crores this year

From May 2014 to January 2021, it earned Rs 21.50 lakh crore by continuously taxing petrol and diesel. A tax of Rs 3,46,100 crore has been imposed on petrol and diesel in the year 2020-21. Then the citizens of the country want to know where this money went?

Production declined in India

During the six-year tenure of the BJP government, crude oil production in India has declined by 53.66 thousand metric tons. Who has benefited from this?

India’s oil consumption declined

During the Manmohan Singh rule of the Congress, India’s crude oil consumption was 23.4 percent of the total crude oil consumption. Under the BJP government, this has come down to 15.8 percent. The 18-year-old has fallen down. The BJP government gives reasons as to why this consumption has come down.

Reduced the budget of ONGC

The BJP government has reduced the budget allocated to ONGC. In the year 2020, the budget of ONGC was Rs 32,501 crore. In the year 2021, a provision of Rs 29,800 crore has been made. Which is being managed by the Gujarat BJP treasurer.

Stop finding new oil wells

In addition, oil wells were discovered in 2014 at a cost of Rs 11,687 crore. This has been reduced to Rs 4330 crore.

Congress demand

Modi and Amit Shah are responsible. Giving the above details, Congress has demanded that LPG should be banned after petrol and diesel. The BJP government, which is openly robbing the cylinder, withdraws the price hike. The chief spokesperson of the Congress Party, Drs. Manish demands guilt.