Modi’s injustice: Rs 700 crore to Gujarat to upgrade 21 out of 457 railway stations

Ahmedabad, 26 August 2023
21 railway stations will be renovated in Gujarat. The average cost of a station will be Rs 50 crore. Accordingly, Gujarat should have got 1100 crores. but not so much. There are 457 railway stations in Gujarat. (See full list below) Out of which barely 5% railway stations will be upgraded. Nothing will be done about the remaining 435 stations. In this way the Narendra Modi government is doing injustice to Gujarat.

For the renovation of 508 railway stations in the country, Rs. 24,470 crore to build 508 stations in 27 states and union territories. In which 55-55 in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, 49 in Bihar, 44 in Maharashtra, 37 in West Bengal, 34 in Madhya Pradesh, 32 in Assam, 25 in Odisha, 22 in Punjab, 21-21 in Gujarat and Telangana, Andhra 18-18 are included. 15 in the state and Tamil Nadu, 13 in Haryana, 13 in Karnataka

Out of 1300 railway stations, 508 Amrit Bharat stations cost Rs. 25,000 crores would be. 55 AMRUT stations each in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, with an estimated cost of Rs. 34 stations will be developed in Madhya Pradesh at an estimated cost of Rs 4,000 crore each. 1,000 crore, 44 stations in Maharashtra Rs. The development will be done at a cost of Rs 1500 crore, along with the renovation of major railway stations in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Rs 700 crore will be spent in Gujarat.

AMRUT Stations will present an overview of the cultural and local heritage of India. The Jaipur railway station will present an overview of Rajasthan’s Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort, while the Jammu Tawi railway station in Jammu and Kashmir will be inspired by the famous Raghunath Temple and the Dimapur station in Nagaland will present the vernacular architecture of 16 different tribes of the region. Each railway station will be a symbol of the country’s ancient heritage as well as modern aspirations. The Prime Minister mentioned strengthening of ‘Bharat Gaurav Yatra Trains’ connecting historical performances and pilgrimages.

This year the Railways got Rs. Got a budget of 2.5 lakh crores. Compared to the year 2014, it has increased five times. Locomotive production has increased nine times in the last 9 years. Presently 13 times more HLB coaches are being produced.

Nagaland got another station after 100 years. Dedicated freight corridors with a length of more than 2200 km have been built in nine years, which has reduced the travel time of freight trains.

Goods now reach West Indian ports from Delhi NCR in 24 hours, which used to take 72 hours earlier, other routes have also seen a 40% reduction in travel time, benefiting entrepreneurs, industrialists and farmers .

Before the year 2014, there were 6000 railway overbridges and underbridges in the country, but now this number has increased to 10,000. The number of unmanned level crossings on major lines has reduced to zero.
100 percent electrification of railway lines will be done. In nine years, the number of stations generating electricity from solar panels has exceeded 1200. Green energy is to be generated from every railway station. 70,000 coaches have LED lights and the number of bio-toilets in trains has increased 28 times as compared to 2014.

All AMRUT stations will be constructed in such a way that the norms of green building can be met.

Railways alone provides employment to more than 1.5 lakh youth.

Renovation of stations Rs. 24,470 crore at a cost of over Rs. A master plan is being prepared to develop these stations as ‘city centres’, in which proper coordination will be established from both sides of the city. This integrated approach is inspired by the city’s overall vision of holistic urban development, centered around the railway station.

Train Stations and Station Code of Gujarat

Name and code of railway stations in Gujarat is listed below. Important and main railway stations are in blue colour. For information about other train stations in Gujarat, use the search box given below this list.

# Code Station Name Place
01 ST Surat Surat
02 ADI Ahmedabad Junction Ahmedabad
03 BRC Vadodara Junction Vadodara
04 NVS Navsari Navsari
05 RJT Rajkot Junction Rajkot
06 ANND Anand Junction Anand
07 VAPI Vapi Vapi
08 ND Nadiad Junction Nadiad
09 BH Bharuch Junction Bharuch
10 BL Valsad Valsad
11 PNU Palanpur Junction Palanpur
12 AKV Ankleshwar Junction Ankleshwar
13 JAM Jamnagar Jamnagar
14 UDN Udhna Junction Udhna
15 BIM Bilimora Junction Bilimora
16 GIMB Gandhidham Junction Gandhidham BG
17 BHUJ Bhuj Bhuj
18 VG Viramgam Junction Viramgam
19 MSH Mehsana Junction Mehsana
20 DHD Dahod Dahod
21 SUNR Surendranagar Junction Surendranagar
22 SIOB Samakhiali Junction Samakhiali B G
23 MAN Maninagar Maninagar
24 MHD Mahemdavad Kheda Road Mahemdavad
25 BTD Botad Junction Botad
26 DWK Dwarka Dwarka
27 KSB Kosamba Junction Kosamba
28 MYG Miyagam Karjan Junction Miyagam Karjan
29 JND Junagadh Junction Junagadh
30 KIM Kim Kim
31 VRL Veraval Junction Veraval
32 UVD Udvada Udvada
33 UBR Umargam Road Umbargam Road
34 BVC Bhavnagar Terminus Bhavnagar
35 PBR Porbandar Porbandar
36 GDA Godhra Junction Godhra
37 WKR Wankaner Junction Wankaner
38 HAPA Hapa Hapa
39 SBIB Sabarmati Bg
40 BCOB Bhachau Bhachau BG
41 CYI Chhayapuri Chhayapuri
42 KMBL Khambhalia Khambhaliya
43 UJA Unjha Unjha
44 DHG Dhrangadhra Junction Dhrangadhra
45 SID Siddhpur Siddhpur
46 GDL Gondal Gondal
47 THAN Than Than
48 JLR Jetalsar Junction Jetalsar
49 BKNG Bhakti Nagar Bhakti Nagar
50 BLDI Bhildi Junction Bhildi
51 KSD Keshod Keshod
52 DRL Derol Derol
53 PLJ Palej Palej
54 AI Adipur Junction Adipur
55 VRR Virpur Virpur
56 MALB Maliya Miyana Junction Maliya Miyana
57 AML Amalsad Amalsad
58 WSJ Wansjaliya Junction Wansjaliya
59 AJE Anjar Anjar
60 CLDY Chandlodiya Chandlodiya
61 MLHA Maliya Hatina Maliya Hatina
62 NUD Navagadh Navagadh
63 MRL Maroli Maroli
64 DISA Disa Disa
65 HVD Halvad Halvad
66 SBT Sabarmati Junction Sabarmati
67 RDHP Radhanpur Radhanpur
68 LMK Limkheda Limkheda
69 PDH Paddhari Paddhari
70 KBRV Kanjari Boriyavi Junction Kanjariboriyav
71 BHTA Bhatiya Bhatiya
72 BNVD Bhanvad Bhaunra
73 VS Vishvamitri Vishvamitri
74 BJD Barejadi Nandej Barejadi
75 VDA Vasad Junction Vasad
76 SNLR Santalpur Santalpur
77 LPJ Lalpur Jam Lalpur Jam
78 DEOR Diyodar Diyodar
79 ABD Ambli Road Ambli Road
80 PAD Pardi Pardi
81 KLL Kalol Junction Kalol
82 NIU Nabipur Nabipur
83 PAO Panoli Panoli
84 BLD Bhilad Bhilad
85 PPD Piplod Piplod
86 SMLA Samlaya Junction Samlaya
87 CVR Chorvad Road Chorvad Road
88 SAU Sanand Sanand
89 GNC Gandhinagar Capital Gandhinagar Capital
90 SJN Sanjan Sanjan
91 AAR Adesar Adesar
92 SAT Sant Road Sant Road
93 LTR Lakhtar Lakhtar
94 JDH Jam Jodhpur Jam Jodhpur
95 MTHP Mithapur Mithapur
96 RWO Ranavav Ranavav
97 BAH Bhabhar Bhabhar
98 CHP Chhapi Chhapi
99 SYN Sayan Sayan
100 UA Upleta Upleta
101 ITA Itola Itola
102 VRX Varahi Varahi
103 KHDB Khodiyar Khodiyar
104 LKZ Lakadiya Lakadiya
105 PDF Padampur Padampur
106 DL Daladi Daladi
107 KEMA Kukma Kukma
108 JKA Jakhvada Jakhvada
109 GOP Gop Jam Gop Jam
110 BMSB Bhimasar Bhimasar BG
111 BIO Bordi Bordi
112 MOL Muli Road Muli Road
113 PLM Paneli Moti Paneli Moti
114 ANAS Anas Anas
115 RUT Ratnal Ratnal
116 CPN Champaner Road Champaner Rd
117 GTT Gomta Gomta
118 DJI Dhoraji Dhoraji
119 CE Chharodi Chharodi
120 BHY Bhayavadar Bhayavadar
121 SKR Sakhpur Sakhpur
122 BDDR Badodar Vadodara
123 PFL Piprala Piprala
124 BJW Bajva Bajva
125 COE Chitrod Chitrod
126 KRSA Kharsaliya Kharsaliya
127 WAB Balwa Balwa
128 MAM Mangal Mahudi Mangalmahudi
129 RNO Ranoli Ranoli
130 JDN Jagudan Jagudan
131 OKHA Okha Okha
132 SMNH Somnath Somnath
133 DLJ Dhola Junction Dhola
134 SRGT Surendranagar Gate Surendranagarg
135 SOJN Sihor Junction Sihor Gujarat
136 JVN Jorawarnagar Jorawarnagar
137 VYA Vyara Vyara
138 DQN Dhanera Dhanera
139 SGD Songadh Songadh
140 SVKD Savarkundla Savarkundla
141 LMO Liliya Mota Liliya Mota
142 LM Limbdi Limbdi
143 RLA Rajula Junction Rajula
144 DAS Dhasa Junction Dhasa
145 SCH Sachin Sachin
146 BVP Bhavanagar Para Bhavanagar Para
147 WC Wadhwan City Wadhwan
148 BHET Bhestan Surat
149 WTJ Jam Wanthali Jam Wanthali
150 BIY Bardoli Bardoli
151 DGI Dungri Dungari
152 MVI Morbi Morbi
153 RUR Ranpur Ranpur
154 PTN Patan Patan
155 CHM Chalthan Chalthan
156 KNLS Kanalus Junction Kanalas
157 SOA Sanosra Sanosra
158 VTJ Vartej Vartej
159 NGA Ningala Ningala
160 ALB Aliyavada Alia Bada
161 UJ Ujalvav Ujalvav
162 MID Madhi Madhi
163 ALMR Alampur Alampur
164 ACL Ancheli Ancheli
165 GNST Gandhi Smriti Gandhi Smriti
166 JRS Joravasan Joravasan
167 VDH Vedchha Vedchha
168 ATUL Atul Atul
169 CDA Chuda Chuda
170 LTD Lathidad Lathidad
171 BJUD Bajud Bajud
172 KDMR Khodiyar Mandir Kodiyar Mandir
173 KSE Kosad Kosad
174 KDI Kundli Kundli
175 GER Geratpur Geratpur
176 KMLI Kamli Kamli
177 BUBR Bhutakiya Bhimasar Bhutakiya Bhimasar
178 TBV Timbarva Timbarva
179 NZG Nazarbag Nazarbag
180 MDRA Medra Medra
181 KSUA Kashipura Kashipura
182 KTAL Kathalal Kathalal
183 SDHR Sandhanidhar Sandhanidhar
184 SDGM Sardargram Dehegam
185 ADD Adas Road Adas Road
186 SYQ Sinhan Sinhan
187 KTNA Kathana Kathana
188 CASA Chhansara Chhansara
189 VTA Vatva Vatva
190 JUL Jhulasan Jhulasan
191 VJK Vejalka Vejalka
192 SHLV Selavi Selavi
193 VVV Vavera Vavera
194 SNSN Sonasan Sonasan
195 KDSD Kudsad Kudsad
196 KVNJ Kapadvanj Kapadvanj
197 BILK Bilkha Bilkha
198 BKRL Bakrol Bakrol
199 CHIB Chirai Chirai Bg
200 VONB Vondh Vondh
201 CTD Chhota Udepur Chhota Udepur
202 DNW Dangarwa Dangarwa
203 CTRD Chitrawad Chitrawad
204 VU Vaghpura Vaghpura
205 DK Dakor Dakor
206 GRHM Gir Hadmatiya Gir Hadmatiya
207 VJF Vijapur Vijapur
208 CVJ Chavaj Chavaj
209 DARI Dhari Junction Dhari
210 DB Dabhoi Junction Dabhoi Junction
211 VJD Vijpadi Road Vijpadi Road
212 KRJD Karjoda Karjoda
213 SR Sabli Road Sabli Road
214 JKS Jaksi Jaksi
215 PLE Piplee Piplee
216 SZA Sarotra Road Sarotra Road
217 KRAI Kaher Kahet
218 CLDB Chandlodiya B Chandlodiya B
219 SASG Sasan Gir Sasan Gir
220 HPRD Hapa Road Hapa Road
221 WWA Vavaniya Vavaniya
222 STDR Satadhar Satadhar
223 DME Damnagar Damnagar
224 JALD Jaliya Devani Jaliya Devani
225 BGMR Bagumra Bagumra
226 SNHR Sankhari Sankhai
227 KTLA Katkola Katkola
228 VSW Visavadar Junction Visavadar
229 BDE Bodeli Bodeli
230 VNG Visnagar Visnagar
231 JBB Jambur Jambur
232 RAJ Rajpipla Rajpipla
233 DGJ Dungar Junction Dungar
234 PDGP Pudgam Ganeshpura
235 LCH Linch Linch
236 RJU Rajula City Rajula
237 KTRD Katosan Road Katosan Road
238 TOD Talod Talod
239 DNUA Dhansura Dhansura
240 BBAI Bhadbhunja Bhadbhunja
241 DBO Dabhoda Dabhoda
242 MDHA Madhada Madhada
243 DOW Davol Davol
244 JVL Jamwala Jamwala
245 MDPR Modpur Modpur
246 MDSA Modasa Modasa
247 GTE Gothaj Gothaj
248 SSKL Suskal Suskal
249 DGQ Dugdol Dugdol
250 OD Od Od
251 SVL Sevaliya Sevaliya
252 KRYR Karamsad
253 PTD Petlad Junction
254 JARI Jari Jari
255 PNDR Pandori
256 TRP Tarapur Junction
257 YVP Yawarpura
258 BNTH Bandhnath Bandhnath
259 SAY Sayama
260 KLWD Kalitalavdi
261 CBY Khambhat
262 RXN Ramsan Ramsan
263 BLWR Bileshwar Baleshwar
264 SVB Savni Savni
265 MHUA Mahudha Mahudha
266 RNBD Rana Bordi Rana Bordi
267 KIA Khari Amrapur Khari Amrapur
268 SNA Sadanapura Sadanapura
269 MQZ Mota Jadra Mota Jadra
270 LKD Lakodra Dethan Lakodara
271 LAL Lushala Lushala
272 LMC Lakhamanchi Lakhamanchi
273 UM Umardashi Umardashi
274 RJC Rajsitapur
275 DRW Dharewada Hubli
276 RLD Randala
277 UMN Ambliyasan Junction Ambliyasan
278 DVA Delvada Delvada
279 DSD Dosvada Dosvada
280 KYG Kidiyanagar Kidiyanagar
281 WKRC Wankaner City Wankaner
282 GEG Gir Gadhara Gir Gadhara
283 LXR Lunseriya Lunseriya
284 SHH Shapur Shapur Sorath
285 RF Rafaleshwar Rafaleshwar
286 TAS Thasra Thasra
287 TAV Talala Junction Talala
288 LAA Lakhpat Lakhpat
289 TBA Timba Road Timba Road
290 PIT Palitana Palitana
291 DAC Dahinsara Junction Dahinsara
292 KIZ Kansudhi Kansudhi
293 VCN Virochannagar Virudhunagar
294 JNZ Jenal Jenal
295 TUWA Tuwa Tuwa
296 DXR Digsar Howrah
297 DTJ Detroj Detroj
298 AE Amreli Amreli
299 JTV Jetalvad Jetalvad
300 KHDI Khanderi Khanderi
301 VKG Vavadi Khurd Vavadi Khurd
302 AVL Amritvel Amritvel
303 PCT Panchtalavda Road Panchtalavda Rd
304 LKBL Lakhabawal Lakhabawal
305 PPS Pipiliya Road
306 RUJ Ranuj Junction Ranuj
307 TJH Tejgarh Tejgarh
308 KKR Khakhrala Road
309 MTSI Motisadhli
310 DV Dhuva
311 MRYA Meriyana Meriyana
312 VNRD Vani Road Vani Road
313 AEP Amreli Para Amreli Para
314 VRE Varediya Varediya
315 VRM Varnama Varnama
316 GGAR Gangadhara Gangadhara
317 VVA Varvala Varvala
318 PLRD Padaliya Road
319 VD Vagdiya Vagdiya
320 GTWD Ghatwad Ghatwad
321 ALV Anklav Anklav
322 KHC Khorana Khorana
323 CLC Chalala Chalala
324 GKD Gadhakda Gadhakda
325 SDD Sindhawadar Oros
326 TORA Torniya Torniya
327 AMLP Amalpur Amalpur
328 JIR Jira Road Jira Road
329 KNKT Kanakot Kanakot
330 LW Lorwada Lorwada
331 MSQ Marwar Ratanpur Marwarratanpra
332 GTX Gothangam Gothangam
333 URN Utran Utran
334 OKD Okha Madhi Okha Madhi
335 MPR Makarpura Vadodara
336 GUJ Gunja
337 TWV Thuwavi Thuwavi
338 LPR Lilapur Road Lilapur Road
339 JKT Jekot Jekot
340 LAN Lotana Lotana
341 HRM Hadmadiya Hadmadiya
342 BHAL Bhatiel
343 JLM Jaliya Math Jaliya Math
344 BADR Bhader Bhader
345 SAMN Samni Junction
346 MHV Mahuva Junction Mahuva
347 HAT Hathuran Hathuran
348 CDS Chandisar Chandisar
349 VAN Vadhvana Vadhvana
350 KDCY Kevadiya
351 NDR Nandesari Nandesari
352 BAYD Beyad Beyad
353 JBU Jabugam Jabugam
354 JCN Junichavand Junichavand
355 GM Garmadi Garmadi
356 SIA Shivlankha Shivlankha
357 VLTR Vadali Luter Road Vadali Luter Road
358 MGTD Meghpur Titodi Meghpur Titodi
359 BCHN Bochasan Junction Bochasan
360 DHJ Dhinoj Dhinoj
361 BAGD Bagwada Bagwada
362 PAVI Pavi Pavi
363 RET Rentia Rentia
364 JJW Jojwa Jojwa
365 PCC Prachi Road Junction Prachi Road
366 EN Isand Munroe Island
367 BETI Bhetasi Bhetasi
368 KSPR Kashipura Sarar Kashipura Sarar
369 KANJ Kanij Kanil
370 JSPR Jashapar Jashapar
371 BKD Bhankoda Bhankoda
372 PHC Panchot Panchot
373 HTGR Hathigadh Hathigadh
374 BHTL Bhatel Bhatel
375 KANS Kansiya Nes Kansiya Nes
376 ADE Adari Road Adari Road
377 JGI Jhagadiya Junction
378 AIR Alindra Road Alindra Road
379 AVH Avidha
380 RJD Raj Pardi
381 UML Umalla
382 BILP Bhilpur Bhilpur
383 JRV Juna Rajuvadiya
384 SPD Supedi Supedi
385 HM Hadmatiya Junction Hadmatiya
386 ALE Amletha
387 NHM Nandol Dehegam Nandol Dehegam
388 CJR Chamaraj Chamaraj
389 TRF Taropa
390 KDHL Kundhela Kundhela
391 EKNR Ektanagar Kevadiya
392 JTY Jethi Jethi
393 PQT Puniyavant Puniyavant
394 KEB Karambeli Karambeli
395 HMT Himmatnagar Junction Himmatnagar
396 KEP Kelanpur Kelanpur
397 PRTN Pratapnagar Pratapnagar
398 GRJA Gorinja Gorinja
399 BDHA Badhada Badhada
400 ASV Asarva Junction Asarva
401 USD Ukai Songadh Ukai Songadh
402 PN Pansar Pansar
403 KTDA Katuda
404 IGRL Ingorala Ingorala
405 SJF Sajanvav Road Sajanvar Road
406 PPLI Pipli Pipli
407 MU Makansar Makansar
408 BMVR Bhaner Minawada Bhaner Minawada
409 KKRD Kikakui Road Kikakui Road
410 KOY Kherol Kherol
411 UMH Umreth Umreth
412 UNA Una Una
413 JA Jaliya Jaliya
414 BO Borsad Borsad
415 NRD Naroda Naroda
416 AXA Amarsar Amarsar
417 AKVU Ankleshwar Udyognagar
418 DHM Dadhal Inam
419 BMRN Bhimrana Bhimrana
420 BII Boridra
421 CCL Chanchelav Chanchelav
422 PIO Pilol Pilol
423 GME Gummandev
424 RA Ramparda Ramparda
425 NGMN New Gumandev
426 AJM Adraj Moti Adraj Moti
427 CX Chanol Chanol
428 RBR Ribada Ribada
429 BHU Bhandu Motidau Bhandumotidau
430 CTT Chitrasani Chitrasani
431 CDK Chandkhera Road Chandkhera Road
432 SIHI Shihori Shihori
433 LKKD Lakkad Kot Lakkadkot
434 UTD Utarsanda Utarsanda
435 PRJ Prantij Prantij
436 KNAD Kanad Kanad
437 CKE Choki Sorath Choki Sorath
438 BLRD Bala Road Bala Road
439 BRL Barwala Road Barwala Road
440 VAL Vadal Vadal
441 RKH Rakhiyal Rakhiyal
442 KODR Kodinar Kodinar
443 RKY Kothariya Kothariya
444 USRA Usra Usra
445 AGCI Angadi Angadi
446 VDG Vadnagar Vadnagar
447 VXD Vadod Vadod
448 VTL Vadtal Swaminarayan Vadtal Swaminarayan
449 BAJ Bhalej Bhalej
450 IQG Iqbalgarh Iqbalgarh
451 SAHP Sahijpur Sahijpur
452 BPKA Bhopalka Bhopalka
453 CCP Chhuchhapura Junction Chhuchhapura
454 MGRL Mangrolla Mosali
455 NEP Nenpur Nenpur
456 VLDR Valadar Valadar
457 SAK Sankheda Bahadurpur Sankheda Bahadurpur