Morbi was hit by BJP, increasing pressure on BJP to start industries

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 11 May 2020
Morbi has suffered the greatest loss to date due to the decisions taken by the Rupani government in Corona in 2020, rather than the economic and social damage that occurred when Morbi was closed. Thus, Morbi has once again been devastated by the BJP’s economic floods.

BJP and Congress MLAs are demanding resumption of use in Morbi, Manda Dungar, Kotharia, Vavdi. BJP MLA Govind Patel has taken a tough stance against the government to start industries in Morbi and Rajkot.

He said that at present in Rajkot, Corona is partly under control. The spot is in Jungleshwar. So that is the case in the Jungleshwar area. Businesses should be started in places other than that. Areas like Mira Udyog which come in the range of one and a half kilometers to one kilometer. It should be granted exemption subject to conditions.

BJP’s Govind Patel said, “Salary will be hit in the last two months.” Deficit-hit industries will be hit harder. If the factory does not start, the workers will be sent home. So that will be a big blow to the industry. Currently there is a downturn in industries. Yet the industrialists have obeyed the orders of the government to this day. If it lasts for a long time now, even the laborers cannot sit without work. So the administration or the decision should be taken to run the factory. This was stated by senior BJP MLA and former minister Govind Patel.

What other people say
If BJP MLA Govind Patel has increased the pressure on the Rupani government, now other MLAs are also pointing out the failure of the government. Rupani has pushed out the workers in Saurashtra for political gain, even though the industry has saved them for two months. BJP has completely failed to keep them in Gujarat. With 3 lakh from Saurashtra, 20 lakh laborers from Gujarat are leaving Gujarat. The factory can no longer run. Therefore, the Gujarat government may be hit with a revenue of Rs 20,000 crore.

Morbi industry is on the side of BJP, the government is against it
Even before this, the industries here have been hit hard for many reasons. That is what different MLAs have told the government. Morbi’s ceramic industry has hit the BJP hard. However, instead of saving Morbi, the BJP has sent Rupani out of labor. Therefore, a loss of Rs 4,000 crore is being incurred every month. Morbi gives a lot to the government but the government does not give anything. The opposite is true. Morbi’s Patizars have made a lot of money for Rupani and Modi. But these two BJP governments have not benefited Morbi’s industries.
Gujarat could be hit by sending out Morbi laborers from Saurashtra. The government has failed to save the workers. The laborers have to go back.
Even though Rupani and Modi have done such a great injustice to Morbi’s industry, the Patidar industry husbands of Morbi have never uttered a word. He has remained loyal to the BJP even after being beaten. But the BJP has not handled them.

Why not rotation
If 100 laborers were working, 25 of them should be sent and another 25 should have been sent after his return. Did not. Some people here believe that the industry could have survived if it had started doing so.

Broke the economy
The economy in Morbi is broken. Ceramic is coming from Rajasthan. The laborers are going home. No domestic market or export orders. The industry will not continue for two and a half months. The BJP government has completely failed.

The first was a blow
Exports to the Gulf are likely to decline as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) decides to impose an anti-dumping duty of 15 percent on tiles coming from India.

The recession hit Morbi
The ceramic industry, which was earlier banned in the name of pollution and later fined more than Rs 400 crore for pollution, has been hit twice. The industry is mired in a recession. 5500 trucks were coming for loading and unloading, there were barely 3000 trucks loading and unloading before Corona.
1100 factories were producing only 70 percent of the capacity in recession.

Demand fell 35 percent
While the tiles industry is mired in recession, the ceramic industry, which had an annual turnover of Rs 42,000 crore, could shrink to Rs 30,000 crore. The biggest loss has been to the Patidars here.

After the National Green Tribunal banned the use of all types of coal gas due to increasing pollution from the coal gas used in Morbi’s ceramic industry, 3 million cubic meters of natural gas are used daily. Natural gas prices continue to rise. Collgas is cheaper. By stopping the use of coal gas, all 450 units agreed to use natural gas. Which led to a 15 percent increase in prices.

Breathed China
2000 million square feet of tiles are produced. Which breathes China into the country. Yet the BJP government has never provided a facility like Tata Nano or Sanand’s GIDC here. Also, the power goes out frequently here. So the industry is hit hard. Yet the BJP government has not taken care of the industry in favor of the BJP.

Exhales abroad
Indian ceramics previously had export markets in the Middle East and Far East. Now Europe’s digital technology was adopted by Morbi before China. So it dominated the markets of Europe and Africa.