Nadiad Municipality committed scam in selling 600 shops worth Rs 150 crore

In 1984, the municipality collected sale documents from 567 tenants. Out of which the documents of 279 shops are yet to be completed. Now it is being vacated. The market value of 600 shops is Rs 150 crore.
After vacating 600 shops owned by Nadiad Municipality, the Municipality is preparing to take possession of them and conduct a fresh auction. In this regard, the shopkeepers have appealed to the MLA and MP as well as the Municipal Corporation officials to cancel the process of vacating the shops. The shopkeepers have demanded rent, renewal of leases along with name change and documents.

A written presentation was given by the Nadiad Nagar Tenants Association to the Chief Officer of the Municipality today. Since the municipality did not collect the outstanding rent of these shops personally, the shopkeepers sent the outstanding rent by check through registered post.

According to shopkeepers, apart from paying sukhdi (turban/deposit) worth lakhs of rupees on account of tenancy, the municipality has regularly paid higher annual rent, municipal tax, trade tax, ShopAct license fee, GST and income tax. At present, the municipality is trying to lease the shops again in the new auction without returning the lease amount to the shopkeepers. Shopkeepers have opposed this.

According to the shopkeepers, apart from this, the municipality has not provided any help to the shopkeepers in compliance with the order of the High Court after the recent demolition of the shops located above Sherkand Lake.

Nadiad Municipal Tenancy Association has made a new proposal by canceling the proposal, obtaining the necessary permission 65 (2) for the process of lease and name change of shops and changing the name and to comply with the order of the High Court No. 279 Pending documents have been submitted to the court.