A death will trouble BJP, which has 5 Lok Sabha seats including Amit Shah from North Gujarat

Will a suicide politically destroy BJP in North Gujarat in the Lok Sabha elections?

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 11 September 2023

A meeting of former PAS leaders was held in Ranela village of Mehsana on 10 September 2023 over the lack of action against those responsible for the suicide of a political and social leader.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Nitin Patel had meetings organized by Harshad Patel from 10 am to 1 pm in Ranela village of Mehsana district. In which 102 former convenors and co-convenors of Patidar Movement Committee were present in the meeting. He decided to bring justice to the person who committed suicide for political reasons. In the meeting, Ketan Patel, Atul Patel, Manoj Panara, Mansukh Kaka Kalol, Dilip Sabwa, Nilesh Ervadia, Dinesh Brahmania, Narendra Patel, Jayanti Patel, Dhanji Patidar, Suresh Thackeray, Shatish Patel, MLA Kirit Patel, Ashok Patel Sidhpur, Anil Patel, Shubhash Patel, Utpal Patel were present.

Four Patidar leaders from Uttar Pradesh and 3 from Madhya Pradesh of All India Kurmi Patidar Organization came to the meeting. Patidars had come from Nepal. BJP leader and MLA and former Patidar movement leader Hardik Patel was not invited. All other leaders were called. Other coordinators were not present in this meeting due to their personal and public reasons. Alpesh Patel, Dharmic Malviya, Reshma Patel was not. He supported the decisions taken in this meeting. Harshad Patel has been entrusted with the responsibility.

It was unanimously decided to rise above any party and fight for justice for the society.

Since the police and the government are not ready to do anything in the case of Kirit Patel’s suicide, a tough fight will be fought to get him justice. Kirit Patel, who was forced to commit suicide, was the brother of Narendra Patel, Mehsana convener of Patidar Reservation Movement Committee- ‘PAS’.

Kirit Patel, active in politics for years, former president of Mehsana Zilla Panchayat, former president of 84 Samaj of Mehsana, director of Mehsana Urban Bank and administrator of Saraswati Mahila College in Ranela in Becharaji taluka committed suicide. On the morning of 1 July 2023, he committed suicide by strangulation. He used to be a Patidar leader of North Gujarat who had a positive impact on many societies.

Former spokesperson of PASS Atul Patel said that on one of the days of 13, 14, 15 in September 2023, a petition will be given to the Chief Minister to arrest Kirit Patel in the suicide case. If action is not taken then fierce agitation will be carried out.

The pass has been dissolved. Now a new institution will be created by registering it. It was also decided that the upper caste commission does not provide assistance for studies abroad. The rule is strange. When the Commission was formed, its funds were to be increased every year. It does not grow, and the funds it provides are not used.

It was decided to stay together and fight wherever there were movements or issues of Patidars.

Both these incidents can trouble BJP.

What was the incident of suicide was discussed in the meeting.

What is suicide?

Kirit Patel committed suicide by strangulation on the morning of 1 July 2023. His family has been demanding justice since then. He used to be a Patidar leader of North Gujarat who had a positive impact on many societies. Whose politics may prove costly for BJP in North Gujarat. Because the suicide incident took place in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home district. Also, the incident took place near the hometown of former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. The incident occurred near the hometown of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Lok Sabha Elections

After this meeting, the suicide case is now taking a new turn. This can become a political issue in the Lok Sabha elections. It is alleged that there was some conspiracy behind the suicide. It is also alleged that it was not suicide but murder. Explosive evidence has been recovered from the house. This will be announced at the appropriate time. If this evidence comes to light before the Lok Sabha elections, then there may be trouble for BJP on 4 Lok Sabha seats of North Gujarat. Mehsana leader of Patidar Reservation Movement Committee-PAS was Naresh Patel, his brother was Kirit Patel.

The government is hiding something. The whole issue of suicide is now taking on a political colour. Amit Shah’s Lok Sabha seat may be affected!

Who is the minister of Delhi?

Before the assembly elections, Kirit Patel had met the Union Minister. There are also photos of the trip. Details including the date of the Delhi visit are given in the death note. Meetings were held in five star hotels.

Former MLA Late. Kirit Patel, son of Bhailalbhai Patel, wanted to contest elections from BJP in the last assembly-2022 and was targeted by the thug gang. The case of Kirit Patel’s suicide is hot. A gang of 5 members grabbed Rs 2 crore 40 lakh by luring them with ticket in Bahuchraji Assembly or Lok Sabha elections. Becharaji was a victim of fraud in getting an assembly ticket from BJP.

During investigation a note written by him was found. In which five people, including two women, committed fraud by not returning Rs 2.40 crore after taking it in the name of an educational institution.

Excerpts from 18 page obituary

Apart from the note found on the day of suicide, another note has been found. An 18-page obituary of politician Kirit Patel was found.

The suicide note was written before the suicide. Kiritbhai’s brother Narendra Patel alleged that the family has got some evidence which could lead to their murder.

Nor are they reaching the state government. In another case also, BJP leaders had given an offer of Rs 1 crore to Narendra Patel.

Fraud of Rs 2 crore 40 lakh 50 thousand with me, fraud, fraud Nilesh Trivedi (Indore, Madhya Pradesh), Harish Gupta (Delhi), Abhishek Vinod Kumar Shukla (Ahmedabad), Kripaben Abhishek Shukla (Ahmedabad) and Amiben Joshi (Ahmedabad). Due to the fraud, threats and intimidation of the police by these five ISMOs, I am forced to commit suicide. Along with this, the files of this case have been kept in front of the TV. I will bring it, if it falls into the hands of the police then it will become difficult.

These five are responsible for pushing me to commit suicide. Details are on file. Despite complaints to Becharaji PSI Rodhod and SP Achal Tyagi, FIR was not registered. It is clear that he also has plenty of money. May God give me justice after I am gone. It is a request that such fraudsters should not do this to others like me in India. All the documents and evidence have been given to the police.
I will get true tribute only when those who cheated me are arrested. Donate my dead body.

Kirit Patel also took advance cheque. While returning the cheque, Kirit Patel filed a check return case in the court. The punishment was also given in the court 14 hours before the suicide. On the day of the deadline, 3 out of 5 accused met Kirit Patel in person. After his tenure, Kirit Patel committed suicide at home.

According to the deceased’s brother Dinesh Patel, the accused took Rs 2.40 crore and threatened not to return it. Money was extorted by luring the assembly ticket.

College comps
Kirit Patel committed suicide in a hostel room of the college he founded. Saraswati Mahila College and other faculty were the founders of this college for 25 years. He built his own palatial building at the institute. He was living there for the last 15 years. Kiritbhai’s family consisted of wife, son, daughter Mehsana. One brother Dinesh Patel does farming in Ranela village. Every night, Dineshbhai would go to sleep in the room next to Kiritbhai’s on the campus of Saraswati College in Ranela, so that Kiritbhai could get some warmth.

Sitting in college
When he went to work in other states, preparations were going on for the 2022 assembly elections in Gujarat. Then met Nilesh Trivedi. After 15 days, the same Nilesh Trivedi came to meet again with four other people. They were identified as Harish Gupta, Akash Gupta, Abhishek Shukla, Kripa Shukla, Ami Joshi. The gang then came to Saraswati Mahila College to meet them. People who came to meet Kiritbhai asked him to give him ticket from Becharaji seat in the assembly. Information was received that there was talk of BJP getting the mandate. After Kiritbhai met these people, he went to Delhi two-three times.

Then the deceased’s brother Dinesh Bhai lodged a complaint at Modhera police station against Nilesh Dolatkumar Trivedi of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Harish Gupta of Delhi and Abhishek Vinodkumar Shukla, Kripaben Shukla and Ami Joshi of Ahmedabad.

Role of police doubtful
Kirit Patel’s brother has made serious allegations against the Mehsana district police chief and the criminal. It is believed that Unjha police is investigating the matter. 4 different teams of Mehsana Police were sent to Ahmedabad, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh for investigation. There is also footage from the college’s CCTV cameras. The family has proof. It is the second largest bank in Gujarat. He went to Delhi 7 times and made him meet the Union Minister. Despite giving written application to the police 7 times, the police did not take action. At first the police was not ready to register the FIR.
Very serious allegations have been made against IPS. Amit Shah’s special police officer Gandhinagar Range IG Abhay Chudasama was handed over the investigation of the case outside the district. The case is being investigated by Sabarkantha DYSP Payal Someshwar.
Gandhinagar had received information that money had been swindled in the name of assembly election tickets. However, no action has been taken.

Achal Tyagi
IPS Achal Tyagi of 2015 batch hails from Uttar Pradesh and has studied till LLB. Achal Tyagi was a judge before becoming IPS. She has been a magistrate in the Metropolitan Court of Delhi. Kirit Patel had submitted a written representation to Modhera PSI and SP Tyagi last February to lodge a complaint of fraud. Despite repeated written and oral warnings, the police did not take any action. By the orders of Mehsana SP Tyagi, an application of Kirit Patel was given to SOG PI AU Rose. Even after the memorandum, Mehsana did not take any action.
The family of the deceased is preparing to go to the High Court in this matter.

Pradeep’s special Tyagi
Achal Tyagi has been in controversies before also. Was a DCP in Ahmedabad city. Many things have been discussed about Tyagi. Former Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja was Jadeja’s mentor. Discussions have started that Achal Tyagi has played an important role in the land scam and ownership disputes in East Ahmedabad. KS Dave, the then PI of Ramol police station, had purchased a land in his wife’s name and the officer took cognizance of serious allegations in it and took the case to the High Court.

Jignesh Mevani
Vadgam Congress MLA Jignesh Mevani has attacked the government on the suicide case of Patel community leader Kirit Patel in North Gujarat. Not a single accused has been arrested. The crime which should have been registered was not registered. Which Union Minister did he meet? Gang after crime is registered

One of the accused had fled to Canada. The accused were allowed to perish. Anticipatory bail has been placed in the Supreme Court. Police and BJP government are saving someone. There is no trust in CID investigation. Investigation should be done by SIT. Chimki was instructed to fill the beds within 72 hours. Mehsana Dam was also protected.

Congress- APP are not interested
Congress Party President Shakti was given all the information in this regard. But he did not do anything about it. Ishudan Gadhvi of Aam Aadmi Party is only interested in acting. Therefore, there is also a view that social organizations should take up this matter. Because neither BJP leader Nitin Patel nor anyone else is ready to do anything in this matter. That’s why Patel leader Nitin Patel is angry with BJP. Now this matter is becoming a matter of Patidar caste. If the government does not do anything, BJP will have to lose some seats in the Lok Sabha.

Check returned
Kiritbhai did LLB. Therefore he had good legal understanding. That’s why he had taken advance check from the gang for security. So that if they do not get the ticket, the money comes to them safely. What can be a greater security than a cheque? Kiritbhai did not get ticket in the assembly elections. After losing the election he complained again and again. But, these people did not return the money. When the check was deposited in the bank it came back. Therefore, Kiritbhai filed a complaint against these people under Section 138 of the Negotiable Endorsement Act, against which the case was also initiated.

Suicide after appearing in court
A remarkable incident happened a day before Kirit Patel committed suicide in the morning. Three out of five people were found whose names are in the suicide note. The case was scheduled for Friday, June 30, 2023, in the Mehsana court. We have learned that three out of the five accused were present in the court during the hearing. Kiritbhai committed suicide about 14 hours after the court hearing at 3 pm on Friday afternoon.

A bag full of evidence has been found. Dineshbhai used to sleep with him at night. When the cleaning lady went to get the keys, she found a note which read, I am in the room with Dineshbhai. There he committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan with the help of a rope. There was a suicide note in the shirt pocket, Dineshbhai kept it with him.

What was found in the file?
Evidence including check return copy has been found. In such a situation, it seems to be a big matter and not of Rs 2 crore. Evidence including WhatsApp messages and recordings have been found. There will be a meeting with a big leader after 15 days. If Becharaji confirms the seat ticket then the remaining amount will have to be paid in cash. Money was given for political activities. There was property worth crores. Cheating of Rs 2 crore is a common thing, but they must have realized that I am a person of MLA level. The police don’t deal with me. They used to tell me that these policemen don’t care. They have to be straightened.

BJP gave an offer of one crore
Narendra Patel, Mehsana leader of Patidar Reservation Movement Committee- ‘PAS’ and brother of Kirit Patel, was refused to join BJP. PAS leader Varun Patel and BJP state president Jitu Vaghani were accused of bribery. Pressure was put on him to merge with BJP. To join BJP it is Rs. 1 crore was offered. As part of which Rs. 10 lakhs were given in cash. Remaining Rs. After joining BJP, Rs 90 lakh had to be paid. Rupee notes were presented before the media. He was threatened with prosecution. Varun Patel Rs. Asked to join BJP with Rs 1 crore. He has proof of everything. The entire BJP bribery case is still in the court but the hearing is not taking place.

PASS affected the 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections and now, will impact on the Lok Sabha elections in North Gujarat. The responsibility are for Chief Ministers Bhupendra Patel, Harsh Shanghvi and Amit Shah. Because these 3 leaders are responsible for not taking action.