To reduce corruption, do a Govt account on-line, an online building plan will be passed to benefit builders in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 3 December 2020

Online Building-Development Permit System 2.0 has been launched in the state of Gujarat, On 3 December 2020. The state-of-the-art version of the ODPS-2.0 online development planning system has been launched. The government is claiming that Gujarat is the first in the country. The new system will benefit the builders the most. Ordinary people are not going for online approval in this new method.

This system failed two years ago

Two years ago, the passing of the house scheme was started online from 16 April 2018. This on-line system did not accept the plan for the first 4 months. Later, when the entire online system failed, the government was forced to launch a new system with new software. The government has not disclosed whether action has been taken against the previous companies.

Every village and town benefits

Other countries have ah system. Currently, there is little provision for on-line work in the Housing, Revenue and Urban Development departments. The government distributed online approval and approval letters to architect-engineers in five cities and cities of the state. Any village or city in the state will start passing building plans and getting approval for construction in this way.

Permission for low-rise buildings

With ODPS-2.0 in place, off-line permission for low-rise buildings will be completely closed. The ODPS process will also be implemented for future high-rise buildings in the state.

Builders got approval in 24 hours

Approval is received within 24 hours of submitting the online plan so that individuals can start construction of the building by paying development fee.

Law amended

The general GDCR has been developed by modifying the GDCR in developing a new system. FSI has raised 15 important matters like height, margin, parking, fire safety. Focusing on this, the plan is passed with a leave letter within 24 hours depending on its adequacy.

25 years of BJP rubbed the soles of people’s feet

Some people did not want the new system to be established. But the government itself does not want to disclose online accounts. Everyone, the builder is rubbing his feet in passing the house-building scheme for 25 years of BJP rule. Now ODPS is brought.

How many schemes are there in the Chief Minister’s city

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s hometown Rajkot Municipal Corporation had 3875 schemes in 2019-20. Against which only 525 building plans have been filed till 31 October 2020 this year. The highest number of 254 construction plans have been approved in the western region, 140 in the western region and 131 in the central region. From the financial year 2017 to 2020, an average of 3500 schemes were placed. 10 thousand were placed in 3 years.

1 lakh house plan

The government has been approving 100 Town Planning schemes-TP for the last 4 years. 3 lakh new schemes are being launched across the state. Which are mostly from the builders. 13 to 15 lakh square meters of land is under a TP scheme. 50 percent of which is taken by the government. This means that the entire state is constructed on 6 to 7 lakh square meters of land. This means that the new system has benefited the builders more than the private ones. In which 10-15 thousand houses can be built. The government is approving 100 such TP schemes. Therefore, it is estimated that 10 lakh houses and 1 lakh schemes will be passed.

Show sincerity

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that this government is working honestly on the four pillars of transparency, decision-making, sensitivity and progressivism. We have no personal agenda or interest, we have made Gujarat a role model for development politics along with public works only.

If the Chief Minister is indeed right, why doesn’t the government bring in an accounting system that everyone can see online. See how many bills and money they are paying every day. But the government wants to hide corruption. Jesus does not tell Hisabo on line.

Will eliminate fear-hunger-corruption

On the other hand, the Chief Minister also said that people are honest and the government also trusts them. They just want to make arrangements. The government is also increasing people’s living facilities through such online transparent systems. We have to eradicate fear-hunger-corruption. The Chief Minister says that 1 percent people do wrong things. The government is determined to take action against them. There is also a commitment that 99 percent people are not hurt unfairly.

But if the Chief Minister is indeed a princely person, then an online account system should be started immediately. It does not cost a lot.

Make all approvals online

Even in municipalities, all permissions cannot be obtained online from home. All work needs to be done online.