RSS status in Gujarat doubled in two years, but temples are in government hands

Gandhinagar, 23 March 2021
Gujarat Province Union Leader of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Dr. Bharat Patel said on March 22, 2021 that there was no branch in the ground because of Kovid-19. Branches are now open in 90% of places as compared to last year.
The union has direct work at 60777 locations in the country. The Sangh has direct operations at 1321 locations in Gujarat. They said that.
Previous union leaders have come out with full details but this time the full details of Gujarat have not been made public. Gujarat’s volunteer Narendra Modi has become the Chief Minister and Prime Minister. But the Gujarat government has not been able to free the temples in Gujarat. He could not get rid of controversial places.
Thus, it is clear from the data given by the two-year association that the places have doubled. Which was ranked 720 in 2018. Thus, in two years, almost twice as many RSS places have been in Gujarat. In 2016, there were 716 meeting sites.
In 2018, 1,460 branches, 952 weekly meetings, 489 union boards are functioning at 720 locations in Gujarat. There are 2,442 service projects in Gujarat. (Last year 1,945) Social harmony meeting was held at 250 places in Gujarat. Primary classes were conducted at 19 places in Gujarat in which 2,850 volunteers received training. The Mahanagar Path movement was organized by the Ahmedabad metropolis on March 4, 2018, in which 5,336 volunteers participated in the full uniform.
Mukesh Malkan, leader of RSS’s Gujarat Sangh said. In Gujarat, there are 1,391 branches for services, 786 weekly meetings, 481 union boards, 1,945 projects. Last year there were 1,744. Social harmony meetings were held at 211 places in Gujarat. In Gujarat, the Sangh’s activity grew at an annual rate of 10 percent.
In Gujarat, including 1374, the union had 52,102 daily branches, 716 weekly meetings, 547 union boards, 2,564 services, 969 in education, 935 in health, 582 in social sector and 81 branches in self-reliance. Social harmony meetings and saint conferences were held at 200 places.
In 2021, Shailesh Patel has been appointed as Provincial Administrator in Gujarat and Nimesh Patel as Co-Provincial Evangelist. Eastern Province Karyavah Yashwantbhai has been appointed as the Executive Member of the Western Region.