One more bad move against India by Nepal and China

New Delhi: There is still tension between India and Chinese forces on the LAC in Ladakh. It is also having an impact on the relationship between the two countries. To put pressure on India, China has started preparations to build a railway line from Lhasa to Kathmandu in Nepal at a cost of Rs 2,250 crore.

The railway line will also connect to Lumbini near the Indo-Nepal border. This is China’s development strategy. The agreement had been cold for years, but when tensions between China and India over the LAC escalated, China immediately resumed the project, which had been closed for years. The Chinese team is now working on the railway project from Tibet to Kathmandu. His pictures are also trending in the Chinese media.

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s love for China is public. China saves Oli’s chair and in return Oli decides on China’s gestures. Oli is working hard to create an anti-India atmosphere in Nepal. Amid tensions on the border, China has started laying railway lines to Nepal.

The railway line will run from Lhasa in Tibet to Shigatse and then enter Nepal through Raswa Gadhi and reach Kathmandu. Work from Lhasa to Shigatse has been completed while work from Shigatse to Kerung has begun. So China is conducting a survey on this project in Nepal.

Chinese media have released pictures of the survey of this railway project. The pictures show a team inspecting the corridor site. At a time when border tensions are running high between Nepal and India, China is trying to strengthen its hold on Nepal through its projects. The cost of this railway line is 300 million US dollars or 2250 crore rupees.

The two hazards from this project are a social hazard and an economic hazard. It will be much easier for Chinese goods to reach India’s doors and can also be dumped in India with new colors.