Even after the death of Ahmed Patel, the monster of factionalism remains in the Congress

Gandhinagar, 30 January 2021

Dilip Patel

In Gujarat, despite being Congress observer from Delhi, has been replaced by two other observers. It is a shame for the Congress. Why did Congress have to do this? Even after the death of Ahmed Patel, the Congress still does not want to reform. They are once again lobbying the leaders to give tickets to supporters by running factionalism. The Congress is once again planning to give ticket to its leader’s supporters. In which Congress will get 10 district panchayats. The municipal corporation  will not get any.

There are elections for 6 municipal corporations, 81 municipalities, 231 taluka panchayats and 31 zilla panchayats. Congress has no plans for 47000 polling stations. The direction of the Congress’ defeat of the 2022 assembly elections will also be decided.

Separate meeting

Congress meetings are held at the same time at different places on the farm house. Some leaders sit down. In other places, other groups sit. Such a meeting was held on 28 January 2021 in Ahmedabad. How can the affairs of the party be decided in such a meeting. Something is cooking in it. If nothing goes wrong, all the leaders should sit together and decide. Such meetings are hurting the Congress.

When senior observers came to Gujarat, instead of meeting Congress leaders together, two or three leaders went to meet them.

No big leader went to pick OBC leader

Chairman of All India OBC Department has come. No senior Congress leaders visited him, but Dhanshyam Gadhvi and OBC National Coordinator Balwant Vaghela and two others went to welcome him. But even the OBC leaders of Gujarat Congress did not go to pick him up. Neither the Congress President nor the Vice President went. Kanai leaders of Gujarat Congress consider this a very serious matter. OBC leader Bharat Solanki did not go, he is interested only for tickets.

Why had to appoint two observers

The candidates who were decided for the by-election of 8 seats of Gujarat Legislative Assembly in 2020 were the losing candidates. However, Rajiv Satave did not make any changes in that regard. The reason for joining hands with Rajiv Satave is that he did wrong in the assembly by-election.

Again, if the same group decides the ticket, the result is bound to come. Realizing this, the Congress high command placed two more observers on Rajiv.

Breakup in 30 District Panchayats

In 2016, 30 out of 31 Zilla Panchayats came to the Congress. There are hardly 23 Zilla Panchayats left in 2021. This time, if tickets are distributed like this, then 10 district panchayats will not come. In 2016, the Congress got 30 district panchayats due to Hardik Patel and his team. After coming to the Jilla Panchayat, Bharat Solanki started the OBC controversy and made the OBC the district president, where the Patidars gave heavy votes to the Congress. But, Patidar was not made the president. Not one such district panchayat is going to get Congress this time. The mistake made by Madhavsinh Solanki, his son Bharat Solanki, once again eliminated the Congress. Shankar Singh had to leave the Congress because of Bharat Solanki. Solankin once helped the BJP.

6 cities

The Congress has none of the 6 municipal corporations. Because President Amit Chavda could not organize any structure in the cities. Amit Chavda is not interested in organizing the organization. There is more interest in increasing its importance.

Rajiv’s farewell

The daily details of what is going on in Gujarat are being sought from the high command. Delhi High Command knows everything. Therefore, the disturbances in Gujarat are on the minds of national leaders.

Given the way Rajiv is making mistake, it is likely that Rajiv will be removed, as soon as the local government elections in Gujarat are over.

The tradition of Ahmed Patel continues

Ahmed Patel has established a tradition in Gujarat that all the leaders who come, bring the list of names of their supporters and are given tickets. This tradition continues even after the death of Ahmed Patel. All leaders give tickets to workers. Therefore, the Congress loses. The same is going to happen in district panchayats, municipal corporations and taluka panchayats or municipalities. People of Gujarat want to topple BJP and give power to Congress. But two dozen Congress leaders give factionalism tickets instead of quality. There is defeat in this. Ahmad Patel’s Bavaliya thorns are growing.


Leader comes to the meeting with a list of his own group. Sit in front and most of give tickets to close associates. They also collect money. Not qualification, but factionalism gets a ticket. Good candidates do not get tickets if they are not in a group. Partition is also happening this time. Instead of deciding the name in local government elections, he keeps a list of candidates in his pocket. What does it mean to ticket such a list.

Help to BJP

Congress leaders had a meeting with BJP in the assembly by-election. While the BJP asks for the weaker candidate to field, the leader stands for the weaker candidate. Which leads to speculation and bank balance increases.

BJP’s move

The 8 seats, assembly by-election was just held, the BJP was going to have to win only 3 seats. So it was a matter of concern for Prime Minister Modi. Modi told Minister of State for Agriculture Parasottam Rupala that to win 8 seats. However, the BJP was losing due to Vijay Rupani’s failure.  He held a meeting with 3 Congress leaders and won the BJP. Rajiv Satava also knew this.

It is not that BJP only buys MLAs, they buy Congress leaders and the entire Gujarat Congress, and they can buy. The losing candidates are fielded. Even today, instead of the whole society, the OBC policy is being kept by the leaders. Congress leaders are repeating the mistake of Madhav Singh. Rahul Gandhi engaged Rajiv Satave to win Gujarat. Yet they have proved to be weak. Rajiv is not like Ashok Gehlot.

What can happen; what can be done

If the Congress high command really wants to win local elections in Gujarat, they should come up with a new formula. Those who are leaders should be told that, first you win from the district or city from which you come. Therefore he has to allot the ticket according to his qualification. This is the only option left for the Congress to win the election. These leaders should be given tickets to contest district and city elections. If Narendra Modi contests the district or city by giving tickets to his leaders or MPs, then Bharat Solanki, Arjun Modhwadia, Amit Chavda, Siddharth Patel, S.K. Gohil, Hardik Patel should fight the Zilla Panchayat.