Paddy purchase at half a percent support price, injustice to the farmers of Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 7 July 2021
The Narmada project does not allow to grow 100 lakh tonnes of rice in Gujarat, but buys half a percent of rice from Gujarat on support price from rice growers.
When Gujarat built India’s largest Narmada irrigation scheme, rice production should have been as much as 133 million tonnes if Punjab’s farmers grew. But production has barely reached 19 lakh tonnes. 0.50% of its purchase comes from Gujarat at support price.
The magic of buying is going on at the support price. In the Kharif season 2019-20, maximum paddy was procured at MSP from 1,988,630 farmers of Telangana.
Gujarat is nowhere in this.
Paddy was sown on 8.40 lakh hectares in Gujarat last year. The maximum area under paddy in central Gujarat was 5.40 lakh hectares. The farmers of Ahmedabad are the largest cultivator of paddy in the entire state covering 1.33 lakh hectares. Anand 1.17, Kheda were planted in 1.14 lakh hectares. A total of 2.70 lakh hectares were sown in South Gujarat. Paddy is not ripened at all in Saurashtra.
After this, 1,891,622 farmers in Haryana sold their paddy at government rates. Chhattisgarh Garh ranks third with 1,838,593 farmers selling paddy. Whereas in Odisha 1,161,796 and in Punjab 1,125,238 farmers procured paddy at MSP. That is, in terms of numbers, the farmers of Punjab were at number five in terms of selling paddy in MSP.
In the Kharif season of 2015-16 to 2019-20, Chhattisgarh has the highest number of 16,862,309 farmers sold their paddy at MSP. Punjab (15,851,950) is second, Telangana third (6,164,444), Odisha fourth (5,150,594) and Haryana (4,173,403) at fifth place.
In the year 2019-20, Telangana produced 76.78 lakh tonnes of paddy, of which 97.08% (74.54 lakh tonnes) of paddy was procured at MSP. Out of 118.23 lakh tonnes of paddy produced in Punjab, 91.99% (108.76 lakh tonnes) and out of 48.24 lakh tonnes produced in Haryana, 89.20 percent (43.03 lakh tonnes) were procured at government rates.
In the year 2019-20, in the year 2019-20, paddy was procured at 24.42 per cent in Uttar Pradesh, 36.20 per cent in Madhya Pradesh and 10.59 per cent in West Bengal.
In the year 2019-20, Uttar Pradesh has been at the forefront of paddy production in the country. It is followed by West Bengal at number two, Punjab at number three, Andhra Pradesh at number four and Odisha at number five. Haryana is also not in the top-10 in this list, but is far ahead in terms of government rate purchases.
Hundreds of trucks of paddy from UP-Bihar are bought and sold in Punjab at dumping prices.
The MSP of paddy (Rs 1,888 per quintal for Grade A paddy and Rs 1,868 for other paddy) is generally higher than the open market price.