Pakistan’s fear of Corona is nothing compare to fear from going bankrupt


The whole world is fighting against the corona virus and the economic downturn in many countries of the world has been ruined due to the lockdown imposed due to it, 1 lakh positive cases of corona have been reported in Pakistan so far. 2100 people have died, while 34 thousand people have recovered.

So far there has been a state of lockdown in the big cities, which has left millions unemployed in Pakistan and people are still losing their jobs, cutting off crores of rupees in government revenue. The number of corona patients is very high according to the population of Pakistan, the Imran Khan government will not impose any further lockdown, Pakistan, which is already facing a recession, is facing a severe recession.

After the implementation of the lockdown, the industry here has collapsed. So now that the Imran government has started beating everything up again, there are many cases of corona in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Karachi and Islamabad in Pakistan and now that everything is normalized, there is a situation where the corona is torn.