Gujarat BJP will not give tickets to 60-year-old leaders, but 50 MLAs are over 60 years


Gandhinagar, 1 February 2021

Gujarat BJP has announced rules to give tickets to candidates in local body elections. 50 percent of members of 6 corporations, 81 municipalities, 231 taluka panchayats, and 31 Zila panchayats will not get tickets. Fifty percent of the elected members are over 50 years of age.

There are 47000 polling stations. There are 7600 seats. BJP currently holds 30 percent of seats. Out of 2500 candidates, tickets for 1250 candidates will be deducted.

The BJP has announced that it will not give tickets to 60-year-old leaders. A ticket will not be received if elected 3 times. Familism in BJP, so, If other members of the same family are in the party, then other members will not get tickets.

MP CR Patil himself is 60 years old. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also born in 1950. Then why such a rule in local self-government institutions. BJP workers believe that there should be such a rule for every election.

This important decision was taken in a meeting held at the BJP office in Gandhinagar on 1 February 2021.

The head of the party and MP CR Patil did not explain why these decisions had to be taken. Activists and leaders can challenge this decision by staying within the party. So if they do not get the ticket, they can make every effort to defeat the party.

The question is why this decision was not implemented in the Assembly, Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. Out of 107 MLAs, 80 are in BJP, whose age is 50 and above. 50 MLAs are over 60 years of age. The position of MPs is also similar. That is why BJP workers are wondering why this rule was not implemented in the Assembly and Parliament.

Age of MLAs elected in 2017

BJP Congress

26-35 – 4 – 1

36-45 – 12 – 21

46-55 – 32 – 28

56-65 – 38 – 19

66-75 – 13-07

75+ – 00 – 01