Planting of Sakkar Teti in 10 thousand hectares, in Gujarat 

Gandhinagar, 21 April 2023
Farmer Bharatbhai Patel of Vinjhuwada village has got a good crop of sweet potato along with pomegranate in his summer crop. The sugarcane bagasse which is ready in 70 to 90 days requires less water. 50 maunds of sugarcane can be produced from one bigha in 45 days. In the second phase, 200 to 250 maunds of sugarcane are harvested. The price of sweet potato is 18 to 24 rupees per kg.

flowering increases production
Bharatbhai has achieved mass production of sweet potato by intercropping Galgota-Hazarigal flower. Along with the additional income of flowers, there are fewer insects and thrips in the field. Bees come to suck the nectar from the flower, which increases pollination in pheasant crops. So the product comes in excess. The prices of flowers are good in summer.
A total of 5 thousand Hazarigal Galgota plants are planted in 5 bighas at a distance of four feet. Its market price is also around Rs 50 per kg. So there can be an income of about two to two and a half lakh rupees from Hazarigal Galgota.

plastic mulching
Most of the farmers cultivating sweet potatoes have been using plastic mulching. Due to which the moisture level in the soil remains. Less water is required. There is no need to condemn. The quality and production of Tati increases. The horticulture department of the state government provides assistance of Rs 16,000 per hectare to farmers for plastic mulching. Packing materials, plastic crates, weighing scales and water soluble fertilizers are also helpful for farmers who are doing drip farming.

Vinjhuwada village of Mandal taluka is known for its pomegranate orchards. Pomegranate is planted in one thousand hectares. Sugarcane is also cultivated. Farmers have started horticulture after not getting adequate returns from kharif or ravi crops of cotton, groundnut. Mandal taluk has come first in terms of agriculture in Gujarat. Cultivation of sugarcane, pomegranate, amla, fennel, tuvar, okra, guar has started.

Sugarcane in Gujarat
In 2015, an area of 467 hectares was cultivated with a production of 5838 tonnes. In 2018, that plantation increased 10 times to 5 thousand hectares. This year it covers 7 thousand hectares in Banaskantha and 10 thousand hectares in Gujarat, 1 thousand hectares in Sabarkantha, 1 thousand hectares in Jamnagar, as calculated by the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture. 35 to 40 tonnes of sweet potato is produced per hectare. The cost of plantation per hectare is about one and a half lakh rupees.

The farmers of Banaskantha are earning a lot of money by cultivating Potato, Papaya, Pomegranate, Saffron, Tadbach, Teti. Potato cultivation in Gujarat was introduced by a nomadic tribe in the Banas River of Disa. Earlier sugarcane and watermelon were grown in the Banas river. As the river dried up, the tradition of farming along the river was broken and from 2011 the fields started growing cash crop sugarcane. In 2008, some farmers here started growing tati after moving to Israel to learn agriculture. It has been 10-12 years and Teti plantation has increased in a decade.

Disha the best
Due to the sweetness of Disani Tetty, its demand is good. The market remains hot. exported overseas. Teti is cultivated in 2500 hectares in Disha alone. In summer sugarcane is cultivated in the beginning of March. They are leaving the cultivation of potato, millet, groundnut and going towards the cultivation of Teti. The soil of Deesa taluk is suitable for sweet potato. Goods are exported to Ahmedabad, Jammu Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and other states and Dubai. Daily 200 trucks of sweet potatoes and watermelons go out of the state from Disa.

Ramshebhai, a farmer from Horul village
Farmer Ramshebhai of Nani Khorul village of Disa taluka planted Golden Glory sugarcane in summer season with drip irrigation. About 70 thousand rupees are produced in one bigha in 60 days of summer. 3 vines grow from one seed. One vine bears 18 to 20 fruits. On an average it can be 18 to 20 tonnes per acre. The price of 1 kg ranges from Rs 10 to Rs 30.

Chandaji is a farmer from Golalaya village
Farmer Solanki Farmer Khetaji Solanki of Chandaji Golalaya village of Disha taluka earned Rs 21 lakh by producing 130 to 140 tonnes of Golden Glory sugarcane in 2018 by using organic farming and indigenous manure, spending Rs 1.21 lakh on 7 bighas of land. For the sale of sugarcane, the goods of the farmers are sold from the farm itself. Organic fertilizers like cow dung, cow urine have started being used more in the district. There is a good number of cows and buffaloes for milk, so there is a good production of gram fertilizer.