GoG at home – welcome program CM – 10 lakh complaints in 26 years


Gandhinagar, April 22, 2023

Chief Minister Public Relations ‘Swagat’ Online Public Grievance Redressal Office was started in 1997 by popular Chief Minister of Gujarat Keshubhai Patel. A first-of-its-kind innovative approach in the country, the ‘Welcome’ program has been implemented by 8 Chief Ministers of Gujarat. It has been 26 years of government at home.

Keshubhai Patel, Suresh Mehta, Shankarsinh Vaghela, Narendra Modi, Anandiben Patel, Vijay Rupani and Bhupendra Patel launched a state-wide focus on grievances through the application of technology – SWAGAT, for on-the-spot redressal of grievances of Aam Aadmi. An initiative technical. 183 meetings of this Rajya Swagat Online held on the fourth Thursday of every month have been held so far. 93.38 percent of the representations have been disposed of by letter.

Modi launched the first program on 24 April 2003. On 24 April 2023, he will cross the 20-year milestone and enter the 21st year.

In 14 years from 2003 to 2018, people filed 4.77 lakh complaints. An average of 35,000 complaints are received against the government every year. According to that, in 20 years, there were 7 lakh complaints against the government, which the Chief Minister’s Office has claimed to remove. Sources in this office estimate that 10 lakh complaints have been received in 26 years.

Police complaint
Such questions at taluka and district level have come in crores in 26 years. There it comes before the Chief Minister’s office that the question has not been resolved or the complaint has not been acted upon. However, complaints which are not taken into account by the police are not taken up here. If that is looked into then 10 lakh more complaints can be received. Actually the demand of people is to file police complaints online but this is not being done and criminals are being sheltered by 8 Chief Ministers of BJP.

Grievance redressal initiative was started under the chairmanship of district level presentations, Rao, Collector.

Of the 85,357 submissions received from 2003 to 2018, 85,203 were awarded, claiming a 99.82 percent success rate. However, in 2018, 2000 people sought permission to commit suicide as Collector Kachire did not resolve their issues. If they have solved all the questions then why these two thousand people want to kill themselves. This is a question.

Since 2008, Taluka Swagat has started on the fourth Wednesday of every month. The government has claimed that out of 2,68,686 reports received in Taluka Swagat, 2.66 lakh i.e. 99.10 percent have been disposed of. Since 2011, the practice of rural reception has started in Gujarat. In which there were 1.37 lakh submissions. In which 1.24 lakh questions have been solved and 90.66 percent work has been done.

After writing the letter, they got married
Most letters are written and notices are given. But no track record is kept by the Chief Minister’s office whether this has been done or not. So most of the questions are solved only on paper.

35 thousand complaints per year
If every year 34071 people have to come to Lok Durbar then it means that every day the problem of 94 people is not being solved by the officials and MLAs. So they have to spend money and time to come to Chief Minister’s office. Thus cesium is pure. It follows from that. Until the punishment for non-performance of the officials is decided, the politicians will hold public meetings in their offices and try to take advantage of solving the problems of the people.

This ‘Welcome’ program has become a milestone in creating a healthy environment where citizens do not have to approach higher levels or secretariats with local grievances for their grievances and representations.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has decided to celebrate the last week of April as a welcome week. Under Swagat Week, village, taluka and district and state welcome programs will be held till April 29.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present online on 27 April 2023. District and Taluka will also review the issues raised during the welcome week and their solutions.