April Fool of Rupani – poor gave bad grain

The Gujarat government started giving away 3.5kg of wheat, 1.5kg of rice, 1kg of pulses, 1kg of sugar and 1kg of salt free from April 1720 by the Government of Gujarat to 3.25 crore members of 60 lakh ration card families in the state. Complaints have been raised in many places in the state, where the grain is not available and if it is found, it is rotten. Gujarat has set a record for giving free grains but it is raising profanity.

Antyodaya, With the introduction of free grain distribution to PH families in the state, people were beginning to feel that the government of the insensitive Vijay Rupani had started the scheme with April 1 to make it flower.

The Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that the total amount of wheat, sugar and rice has been supplied to the state government for the free distribution of about 3,000 government-approved cheap grain shops. 87% of chickpea pulses have reached distribution.

Congress President and MLA Amit Chawda has declared the video saying that people are not getting food. The silver has gone from their promise. Giving away free grains does not mean that the government is pursuing the grain.
MLA Chotubhai Vasava has demanded an investigation into the photo by releasing a photo and declaring that the rotten grains were provided. People have been given rotten grain today. Such rotten grains are so bad that animals can’t eat water. Whoever really wanted to be thrown away and made fun of the poor people, made fun of April Fool.

With no biometric card being given, it is already being suspected that there will be a big scam. It has come true. It is suspected to be a major scam from the cheap grain shop. Whose investigations have been demanded.

In this regard, the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies, Jayesh Radia, should make public disclosures on the allegations of the legislators.

Amraeli’s Savarkundla created an atmosphere of turmoil at the time of grain distribution. MLA Pratap Dudhat ran away at the spot and the MLA also called the Collector-Mamlatdar at the spot. The mob called the officers and removed the mob. The online pass system was removed from the grain shops and later the cereals were distributed.

People protested outside Rajkot District Collector’s office. Card holders have switched to non-ration cards. The Collectorate has mobilized more than 100 people outside. The government today announced the distribution of food grains. There are 2.60 lakh ration card holders from 754 shops.

4 kg of cereal is lost
In the past, such a scandal has been going on. Consumers are given only 20kg of grain instead of 24kg of grain. So the remaining 4 kg of grain is lost. On the one hand, the supply of less grain comes from the government and on the other the supply which comes in is also sold repeatedly.