Recovery Clinic with Israel to treat chronic lung diseases

Director of AIIMS, Delhi based All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Randeep Guleria will start a post-covid recovery clinic. So that attention can be paid to improving their lung capacity, whether it is exercise, yoga, diet or medicine. Patients experiencing pulmonary distress after recovery will also be considered. Some patients are watching multiple sequels for post-Kovid. Even after recovering, some patients experience extreme discomfort, even difficulty breathing. Israel Post will help India for Kovid Recovery Clinic. Robotic devices will help in monitoring patients. These devices can also be used for people with lung, heart and respiratory problems in remote areas and save their lives. It can be used in primary health centers in towns and other areas, large hospitals in cities.

The next few weeks may be the highest in the country. The Indian vaccine has reached two to three test stages. We have large-scale vaccine production capacity, India has been working on vaccines since the beginning. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that the first vaccine for the corona virus had been developed in his country. It is the world’s first successful coronavirus vaccine, approved by Russia’s Ministry of Health.