Supernatural celestial event moon will appear in such a unique color on 31 October, now it will be seen again after 19 years

NASA says that most of the blue moon looks yellow and white, but this moon will be different from all the moons seen so far. Blue feels due to atmospheric conditions. This year a rare astronomical event will be seen among the stars. On October 31, the rare moon will appear in its blue avatar, also known as the ‘Blue Moon’. Blue Moon is an unusual phenomenon. Which happens every two or three years. But this is the first time the blue moon will appear on 2020 October 31, the day of 2020. Considered a special moment. From now on, we will have to wait until 2039 to see the blue moon again. So people are preparing to see the new form of the moon this time.

Changing the color is not due to changing the time of the calendar. The volcano Krakota erupted in 1883. The moon turned blue due to dust emanating from the volcano in the air. This year’s Blue Moon will be a full moon on October 1 and October 31, 2020, that is, a full moon will be seen on this day. Although two full moons have already been scheduled for October, the next full moon will be seen as the Blue Moon. If the night sky is clear, you can enjoy watching this blue moon with binoculars tonight. By staying home amid the epidemic, everyone can make the best use of their time and enjoy nature.