farmer develops online banana business amid Corona pandemic

Rajneesh Tyagi, a farmer from Datti village in Hapur district of Delhi, started an online banana cultivation and nursery business in the Koro crisis. Training farmers to chant the mantra of success. About two and a half lakh saplings were produced in the nursery. Banana harvest begins in July, but has been planting banana plants in their fields due to the lockout for the last three months. Tyagi previously had limited income while cultivating sugarcane. But on the advice of agricultural experts, he started banana cultivation. The first five bighas of land were planted with bananas. In the first season alone, 50,000 bananas were sold. He then started banana cultivation on 60 acres of land. Both sons helped him.

He started working on social media in a group of farmers to sell the plants. The sons Devansh and Vedansh are graduate students. The two created a Facebook page called Rajneesh Tyagi. Uploaded their nursery and farming videos on agriculture related websites, YouTube channel. In this way he started selling the plants online. Farmers from Baghpat, Moradabad, Bareilly and Amroha are coming here to learn about planting and banana cultivation. The farmer always has the natural gift of finding a way to save the crop even in times of weather and natural disasters. Finds ways to grow plants. Farmers have inherited the art of struggling in bad times. During Corona’s difficult times, he developed a banana business. In just 3 months.