Rupani was once again caught lying, not giving Corona’s Ectemara injection

Ahmedabad, 24 May 2020
The Gujarat government of Vijay Rupani had announced to give  Ektemara injection to the patient for coronavirus. But so far only 10 patients in Gujarat have been given this injection called Ektemara. One more lie of Rupani has been caught. A big revelation has come out about an injection called Ektemara costing Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000.

MM Prabhakar, an official of the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, said that there are 3 patients in Kovid Hospital, out of which only 10 patients have been given Ektemara injections. Admittedly there is a shortage of injections. Sanjeev’s earrings are nowhere to be found. Gujarat makes 30% of drugs in India but Gujarat itself cannot make these drugs. Like Rajkot’s fake ventilator, this claim is hollow.

The BJP’s Vijay Rupani government had announced that it would provide injections worth Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000 at its own cost for the treatment of patients. Which has proved to be gossip.

Jashubhai Patel, chairman of Chemist Druggist Assoc., Also acknowledged the shortage of injections. Ectamera injections contain the drug tocilizumab.

The BJP government, elected in the name of Ram, had publicly claimed that the corona positive patient would not be allowed to die, calling the injection an amulet.

It is not found anywhere in the injection market. Even if the doctor prescribes this injection to take the relatives of the patient and breaks his leg one by one, he gets a negative response from all the doctors. Blake is speaking. If it is given to 10 thousand patients, it will cost Rs 1 to 4 thousand crore. The cost of 200 mg is approximately 40 thousand. A dose of 400 mg of two injections is to be given.