250 hospitals in Ahmedabad do not have firefighting facilities, risk on 5000

Ahmedabad, 28 November 2020
Eight people died in a fire at Shreya Hospital in Ahmedabad, leaving no adequate space to install fire safety equipment in the city’s hospitals. At least 11% of the city’s 2,250 hospitals still do not have fire safety equipment installed. 50 thousand doctors enter the hospital every day. In which 5 thousand doctors are admitted in 250 hospitals. There is a risk on them all.

Credit to the BJP leader After the fire broke out in the hospital, every hospital was required to have fire safety equipment and No Objection Certificate (NOC). However, even three months after the fire, fire NOC has not been found in 250 hospitals in the city.

Ahmedabad Mayor Bijal Patel and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani have failed to get work from officials.

When designated ‘Kovid Hospital’, it must have a Fire NOC. It was also mandatory earlier, but it was not strictly enforced. There are 99 Kovid hospitals in the city. BJP Mayor Bijal Patel has failed to control the situation.

All hospitals were screened immediately after the credit fire. Fire was asked to obtain NOC. The management of the hospital failed to renew them after the NOC deadline, a specialty hospital on Ashram Road said.

Not all hospitals have outlets for smoke. There is a sliding window that can be opened easily. The space in the lobby is such that even two stretchers cannot move. In the event of a fire, it can interrupt efforts to evacuate patients quickly.

Officials said that after receiving the report covering all 99 hospitals, it would be clear how many people have fire safety equipment in working condition.