Russia will provide money for Ahmedabad-Rajkot Semi High Speed ​​Rail project

Russian company is pleased to participate in Rajkot-Ahmedabad Semi High Speed ​​Railway project in Gujarat.

  • Detail Engineering Design-for project execution and finance
  • Russian Railways to create RZD International project
  • Guaranteed to complete the project within two years of design preparation
  • Will work on G-Ride and Russian Railways project of Gujarat Government


Gandhinagar, 13 February 2020

Russian company is pleased to participate in Rajkot-Ahmedabad Semi High Speed ​​Railway project in Gujarat. This Russian government company has made DPRs for 580 km high speed rail in Nagpur-Secunderabad in India. In Russia, too, 625 km from St Pittsburgh to Moscow. He has successfully completed the long highway railway project. This distance is a highspeed rail with cutting speed in just 3 hours, 15 minutes.

This Russian venture, along with the Ministry of Railways of the Government of India, has co-opted a memorandum of understanding for railway modernization, modern signaling, etc. in India. Now he is eager to work with the G-Ride Company for the Semi High Speed ​​Rail project in Gujarat.

The Consul General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai was accompanied by Aleksei V Surovtsev and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani with Prime Minister Vijay Rupani at Russian Railways RZD International’s Vladimir Finov.

G-Ride Company

After the DPR of the project was prepared by the G-Ride Company of Gujarat Government, it was assured that the railway venture of Russia will go ahead with the Gujarat-India Government for the detailed engineering design, project execution and complete finance.

They will complete the project within 3 years after the design is ready. On February 8, Gujarat suggested meeting of the G-Ride and this Russian venture.

RZD Internationa

Russian Railways RZD International’s Vladimir Finov also expressed his desire to contribute to new projects to increase rail connectivity for freight corridors from Ports to Gujarat as well as to increase the existing speed of passenger rail and freight trains. The Gujarat government will examine the possibilities of cooperation by interacting with the Indian Railways and the Central Government.

Rs.1100 crores cost

The Rs 11,300 crore high-speed rail project between Rajkot and Ahmedabad has been approved on November 26, 2019, the cost of which includes land acquisition cost, station cost. Passengers from Saurashtra-Rajkot will get the connectivity of the bullet train and the tourist will depart from Rajkot in the morning and return from Mumbai in the evening.

There will be a train corridor along or along National Highway 47. Land acquisition will be done. The speed will be 160 kph. Trains can run more than 300 km / h on Ahmedabad-Mumbai high-speed corridors. While trains can run 160 kilometers per hour on the semi-high speed corridor.

The Russian government will construct the Railways RZD International and the G-Ride Company Rail of the Government of Gujarat. They will complete the project in 2 years after the design is ready. 11,300 crore will be spent by the Government of Gujarat. But the Narendra Modi government will not pay for it.

Modi did not give money and projects

Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat will be given a 300 km speed train to the Prime Minister of India, but Rajkot will build a 160 km speed train at the expense of the Gujarat government. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not train Rajkot, the Gujarat government will now take a loan from Russia. Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. The company which belongs to the Government of Gujarat will bear all the expenses. The gateway to Saurashtra is also said to be connected with Junagadh, Jamnagar, Porbandar, Dwarka and Somnath. Whom Modi did not help.

50 lskhs passengers

Between Ahmedabad and Rajkot city attracts around 50 lakh passengers a year, the number of travelers is increasing at 9 per cent year-on-year, in 2007, there were 19 lakh people traveling between the two cities every year. In 2017, it increased to 45 million per annum.

given to the country, Not to Rajkot

Prime Minister Modi has given high-speed or semi-cusped rail to six rail corridors in Delhi-Noida-Agra-Lucknow-Varanasi and Delhi-Ahmedabad, Mumbai-Nagpur, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Chennai-Mysore and Delhi-Amritsar. But the injustice done to Saurashtra as he had done in the past has continued to be unjust.
These six corridors have been fixed and their DPR will be ready in a year. But the corridor of Rajkot will be expensive at the expense of the people of Gujarat. The Modi government of the Center is not going to pay a penny.

Rail between highways

Roads and building departments as well as the railway system have started doing survey work. Trains will run between the existing 6-lane National Highway to the 5 meter wide road divider. 18000 columns will be raised. An 8in car train will run.

Another option

A six-lane national highway between Rajkot-Ahmedabad is being constructed to keep track on either side of it. Another option is to raise a column beam on one side. Each column will have a spacing of 7 to 8 meters. When the primary report on how high and how strong the column will be made will be determined after the primary report.

Dangerous route

The one-and-a-half-diameter column beams will have a rail track. Trains will run at 160 kilometers, which will have the opposite effect on vehicles running on national highways. There is the possibility of an accident involving a vehicle causing alarming noise. This hazardous route has been chosen so as not to acquire land.

Risk of accident
Rajkot-Ahmedabad is going to crash on a divider due to a major accident. A 40-tonne freight collision could cause a rail and truck accident if the 60s collided quickly. There will be major casualties.