Saroj Kamari, a police officer caring for 700 elderly people in Vadodara

Vadodara, 11 May 2020
Saroj Kumari IPS. She is the DCP of Vadodara city administration and headquarters. Saroj Kumari, who performs motherly service activities as part of home and duty, says; They live with their nephews and nieces aged seven and eight and their parents over the age of 70. It also takes care of the city’s 700 registered senior citizens.
Saroj Kumari says that she plays the role of a housewife as well as a deputy commissioner of police administration and headquarters, she also tries to take personal care of her staff including their food, nutritional supplements, PPE kits, masks, sanitizers, Medical checkups include medications, etc. They also take care of where they are performing their duty and keep in touch to keep an eye on it.

700 citizens
The city cares for 700 registered senior citizens who live alone who are cared for by a “senior fearless” cell. He further says that he and his staff have provided central facilities, checkups, medicines, etc. to more than two thousand people, and in this way he has increased his family. During this lockdown when there are senior citizens in Vadodara who want to spend time with those who live alone, which is not done these days due to the recommendation and sensitivity of their cores, so they are also providing psychologists and psychiatrists to help them.

Police kitchen
They also take care of homeless children in the city and provide them with food facilities through their “understanding touch” team. They have started a “Police Kitchen” where they have been cooking for more than 200 people every day since the day the lockdown began. So they say, I provided services that I never thought of as part of my duty, but today I am performing and enjoying it.