World Nursing Day: Anne Christian serves infected corona patients with 78 nurses-brothers at Gotri Hospital

Vadodara, May 11, 2020
The nursing community is large among those who have taken the lead in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic. World Nursing Day is celebrated on May 11 to honor the community’s devotion to service. Anne Joy Christian, who works as a staff nurse at the Government Gotri Hospital in Vadodara, is a shining example of her dedicated service to nursing. Nursing is a noble profession. This is a pole star-like example of devotion to the service of the entire community, who are left alone without a son.

In order to be able to carry out the duties assigned to her at Cavid Hospital, she has hardened her only 15-month-old son, and placed him Jambughoda, 80 km away. “For the first time since I was born, Allen has been away from me for 25 days. However, he does not regret it because it is necessary to sacrifice affection for the service business I have accepted,” she said. Annie has thus completed seven days of cowardly duties. He is currently on duty at the NICU of Gotri General Hospital following a seven-day house arrest. But son Allen is still kept with the little one in the purple horse.

“If the number of patients increases, Kavid will have to perform his duties again as per the repeat rotation, so I have kept my pampered son with my grandmother,” he said.
Expressing the feeling that the patient should be treated as a relative, he said that we serve diligently even if the son becomes emotional in a situation where he has to be kept away. It is our business commitment to alleviate the patient’s pain with treatment.

So far a total of 345 staff nurses and brothers have provided services following the rotation at the Special Cavid Hospital in Gotri. There are twenty-four hour nursing staff working in three shifts and 78 nursing staff on duty every day.

In one of these shifts 16 ICUs and isolation wards and 10 OPDs and Kavo. Serve in the facility. Brothers also work with the nursing staff’s sisters. In addition to 325 from Gotri Hospital, 25 people from Jamnabai and Psychiatric Hospitals are currently on duty here.