Gujarat’s people spent Rs 300 crore for selected vehicle number

Gandhinagar, 5 November 2020

People’s hobbies are also amazing. There was a time when buying a new vehicle was a chore to get the number you wanted. There was corruption in Gujarat. Now you can get the number from the draw system at RTO. Therefore, by spending money, the number of choice is taken so that no number comes. The selection number in the new series has to be registered and it will also be auctioned.

About 25000 applications come every year to get the number of likes in vehicles. In the last five years, 12.36 lakh people have applied for the selection number, out of which 11.70 lakh people have been allotted the selection number. Drivers are spending lakhs of rupees to get these numbers.

Drivers have spent Rs 300 crore to get the selected number in five years. The RTO offices of the state have received revenue of Rs 300,60,00,136 in five years. Often a new car can come with the amount spent to get a number. A medium vehicle costs Rs 4 lakh, the amount spent by the drivers to get the number of choice can be as high as 7500 new vehicles.